CHAP child of ANAP family

CHAP child of ANAP family

Ekrem Imamoglu, CHP candidate for Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality mayor of the Republican People's Party (CHP) in 2009, was elected as the Mayor of Beylikduzu in the March 30, 2014 local elections. The life story of Imamoglu, familiar with the name of his fellow citizens in Trabzon, aroused public interest after his candidacy for the mayor's office.

The book “Ekrem İmamoğlu is My Dear President alan which is about the life of İmamoğlu who was born in Trabzon in 1970 and which was published in April 2016, sheds light on the unknowns of the CHP candidate. Imamoglu, whose family is of ANAP origin, is said to be a CHP because of Atatürk's love: itibaren From the 2000s onwards, his political preference became clear. He was a determined CHP voter. ”

"Fascination with the CHP Ataturk closer İmamoğlu've created what they did for Turkey and Ataturk's old. Because of his father's ANAP history, there were many who thought that Ekrem İmamoğlu would be transferred to the AK Party. However, he never believed in the AK Party's philosophy. Imamoğlu'nun Ataturk's thoughts and social democratic ideas in various meetings that saw the defending circles, him CHP bid Beylikdüzü mayor proposed. However, in 2002, entered the management of Trabzonspor. He was unable to feed himself off the task and did not accept the offer. ”

Imamoglu's mother and father are the children of the uncle and they were married after staying engaged for six years in the book, while the following information is transferred:

Hava Hava, the third of eight children of a truck driver father, entered the world house at the age of 19 after being engaged to his beloved uncle's son Hasan for six years. Ekrem was the first fruit of this marriage that was born on June 4, 1970. Imamoğlu family, who continued to work as a farmer, met with trade in the 1950s, while the father Hasan İmamoğlu met with trade in the late 1960s. Ekrem moved to the Star Village of Trabzon when he was four years old. While the father was engaged in trade, the mother, a hard-working woman, was producing and selling her produce in the village. Although your father engaged in commerce, the family did not abandon agriculture. The hardware store, which sells construction materials, was the first school of life Ekrem saw in trade. Football was a passion for every period of Ekrem İmamoğlu's life. His curiosity for sports parallel to his education started with handball. Haydar Kazaz, an idealist physical education teacher, created a handball revolution in Trabzon. With kazaz preparing the infrastructure of the handball sport in Trabzon, when Ekrem primary school last year, handball Trabzon in Turkey won three championships. "

Ekrem İmamoğlu's biography book, which also includes the marriage process, is as follows: “In 1994, he met Dilek Kaya, whom he knew from his family in Trabzon. The Kaya family was in the textile sector. The love he felt at first sight caused him to propose marriage in a short time. But it was rejected. Because Dilek wanted to go to college. Imamoglu "both read and get married" did not accept the offer. When Dilek could not win the university that year, Imamoglu's ‘persuasion power girdi came into play once again. This time the answer was ‘yes.. They married on 18 November 1995. While they were engaged, Dilek enrolled in the Department of Tourism at Istanbul University. Your family didn't know about this record. Only Ekrem İmamoğlu knew. He was ready to give every kind of support to the realization of his beloved wife's dream of university reading. Dilek first continued this program. Two years after their marriage, in 1997, their son Selim was born. During the same period, Dilek started to study Public Finance at Anadolu University Open Education Faculty. Then, he completed his master's degree in Business Management at Arel University. 8 years after Selim, their second son Semih was born in 2005 and their daughter Beren was born in 2011. ”

According to the book, one of the interesting details in Ekrem İmamoğlu's life is his choice of high school. Although his family wants to send İmamoğlu to Köşk High School, Trabzon's first private school, he refuses to go to this school because he finds it too elite. After graduating from Trabzon High School, he enrolls in the communication department of Girne American University instead of engineering, which is his family's dream because of his passion for football.

The book, which included the family's adventure in Istanbul, began in 1987 and includes the following information: “The family moved to Istanbul and started the contracting business. Üsküdar Bağlarbaşı was the first neighborhood where the family lived. After living there for two years, they moved to Kadıköy Göztepe. Ekrem İmamoğlu started his education in the Department of Business Administration of English University in 1990. The family bought the first land in Beylikdüzü in 1991. But Ekrem İmamoğlu's daily life was spent in many districts of Istanbul. Because one of the constructions was in Merter, the other was in Beylikdüzü, the house was in Göztepe, the office was in Kadıköy and the school was in Avcılar. Every day when 7-8 vehicles changed, he learned Istanbul from the corner of Imamoglu. ”

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