Changed 6 parties in 25 years

Changed 6 parties in 25 years

GOOD Party Chairman Meral Akşener stated that they will not nominate from Igdir. Since this system will compete with HDP in Igdir, we will not nominate candidates in Igdir. That's why we don't mind if there is a mayor of AKP or MHP ”. Following this decision of Akşener, Mehmet Özhaseki, AKP deputy leader and candidate for mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, thanked Meral Akşener. The candidate of the Mayor of Iğdır Municipality, Isa Yaşar was the candidate of the MHP, while Adil Aşırım was the candidate of the Mayor of Iğdır Municipality.

Adil Aşırım joined the True Path Party (DYP) in 1994 and became a member of the Democratic Left Party (DSP) Iğdır in 1995. 1996 I grew up on the right and on the right. I went to TPP to be a candidate, but there was no room. That's why I went to DSP. I was nominated from Igdir. The DSP had no organization and base in Igdir. The mayor of ANAP supported me. I am already thinking about moving to ANAP, "Adil Aşırım was sent to the DSP Central Disciplinary Board for a final export request.

After joining the Motherland Party (ANAP), Adil Aşırım was the advisor of ANAP President Mesut Yılmaz between 1996-2001. Between 2001 and 2003, he served as ANAP Foreign Relations Secretary. In 2003, he moved to MHP.

After a short time together with MHP, Adil Aşırım moved to the Young Party in 2004. Asim was nominated as the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality in 2004 local elections and later became the party's deputy leader. In the 2007 elections, the Young Party's Antalya deputy candidate, Ashim, his party remained under the dam could not enter the Parliament.

Adil Aşırım, who changed six parties in his 25 years of political life, came to the AKP as the seventh and became a candidate for Mayor of Iğdır in the AKP's 31 March local elections.

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