Ccnl of employees of insurance agencies and labor inspectorates activities, parliamentary question of the sen. Andrea de Bertoldi (FdI)

Ccnl of employees of insurance agencies and labor inspectorates activities, parliamentary question of the sen. Andrea de Bertoldi (FdI)

MILAN - The Trentino senator Andrea de Bertoldi (Brothers of Italy) presented a specific parliamentary question concerning the application of the National Collective Labor Agreement for employees of insurance agencies in free management signed by Sna, the employers' association of large long most representative in the sector, with Confsal, recognized among other things, in 2014, by the Ministry of Labor as a comparatively more representative union in Italy.

"For us - National President Sna Claudio Demozzi comments on the sidelines - it is important to highlight the full legitimacy of our work and above all to denounce how some Labor Inspectors seem to give excessive weight to historical, cultural, social or political prejudices, without to take into due consideration the objectivity of the specific circumstances, the real numbers that affect a given phenomenon In the case of the CCNL it is disarming to read in the sentence that are taken for good statements of the Parties, based on the seems that, it would seem, when the 'INPS has reliable data showing that the vast majority of agency workers are subject to the Snake and Confsal National Collective Labor Agreement and therefore ours is the only leading contract, most widely applied in the sector, waiting for Justice to definitively restore justice for the Agents that correctly apply the CCNL of reference of the sector, I thank publicly the sen. de Bertoldi for his sensitivity and closeness to the problems afflicting our category. As for Anapa, - concludes Demozzi - the case of the CCNL is only a further damage caused to the Agents, of which Anapa and its summit have full political responsibility and of which sooner or later they will have to answer ".

it is said that some labor inspector who drafted the minutes against SNA agents is a former CGIL exponent, will it be a case? What is really surprising is to see Anapa, Cirasola & amp; Company lined up with the CGIL to celebrate some condemnation of colleagues to pay contributions to the INPS, which really leaves one amazed! FORWARD, WE DO ALL JUSTICE

brothers of italy all your life! great job of the senator who happens to be a fellow countryman of our president Demozzi .. it will be a coincidence, but things in the hands of the Trentino begin to turn in the right direction

the question of the senator realistically details the numbers of a sector that: from the Fisac ​​/ CGIL seems confused artfully with that of the insurance companies to dilute and mix the values ​​at stake, from Anapa it seems colorful to look like a world dreamed of every day more unfeasible (for them), from the Judges it is evidently sometimes little known and prey to easy errors

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