Çankaya to Beştepe (3) - Hayrettin ÇAKMAK - Bursa Domination

Çankaya to Beştepe (3) - Hayrettin ÇAKMAK - Bursa Domination

Unfortunately, debates on legitimacy in the presidential elections took place in 1989, when Özal was elected President. Organ. Upon the expiry of Kenan Evren's term of office in 1989, Prime Minister Özal announced his candidacy.

The ANAP won 36 per cent of the 1987 elections. In the 1989 local elections, ANAP's vote had fallen to 21.75 percent. DYP leader Demirel and SHP leader Erdal İnönü started the debate that Özal's presidency was not legitimate. Demirel did not attend President Özal's invitations to Çankaya. These two leaders (Demirel and İnönü) went further and announced that they would remove Özal from the kiosk in the 1991 election campaign. The rationale was that ANAP's voting rate decreased to 21.75% in the 1989 local elections.

However, the President was elected by the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM) and not by the local authorities, and the members of parliament were elected for five years.

As a matter of fact, in the 1991 elections, DYP became the first party with only 27% and ANAP became the second party with 24% of the vote and increased the vote compared to the 1989 local elections.

But the reason we can not say that the environment was stretched unnecessarily and the discussion was flared up; The president was not elected by popular vote. For this reason, there was a system climate that could be transformed into a crisis arising from the parliamentary system.

Following the unexpected death of the late Özal in 1993, Demirel was elected president with the support of his coalition partner SHP as the leader of a party that received 27% of the vote.

Ozal's 263 vote, while Demirel 244 ballot that he reminded reporters, Demirel: "263 elected with first-class president, 244 votes selected second-class president if you thought, this is incorrect. Selected everyone the Republic of Turkey under the provisions of the Constitution ' President of the Republic, "he said.

After Demirel, President A. Necdet Sezer was removed from the Constitutional Court to Çankaya. I wish it hadn't been removed. Sezer, in the Constitutional Court's decision for the 10% election threshold, rejected the decision, as President of the dam wanted to reduce. While defending the powers of the Presidency, he used these powers in contradiction with the government. he said. He mentioned that freedoms could be restricted while in office.

The traffic light does not matter where the traffic police are located. But whatever Sezer was wise, he would stop at traffic lights. I think the president to Turkey was a very time-consuming. According to the statements of the former Supreme Court President Sami Selçuk; In his emancipatory speech on April 29, 1999, Sezer said that "he did not write the text himself and did not recite it because he did not write the text himself". According to Selçuk, there is even legal irregularity in Sezer's election because he did not resign before the first round of voting. As a result of these experiences, the election of the eleventh President came into the agenda. In order to prevent AK Party activity at any cost, a fight was started two years ago. Created virtual confrontation result of Turkey met with the e-memorandum.

Soldier "not so-called, in essence," he shows the gun, the CHP leader "Çankaya last castle, it can not be lowered," he said. Most importantly, there were 367 freaks in the field of law. (in this election, which was not sought in the previous elections, 367 deputies should be present at the general assembly during the vote).

The government drew the rest to the memorandum and decided on early elections. Republic rallies were held. As a result, the AK Party, which says stop guardianship, won the election with 47%. The reason that the crisis could continue at this point was the AK Party had 367 deputies, there were 341 deputies. Devlet Bahceli put his hand under the stone to overcome the congestion and took part in the election of the President.

The MHP and the AK Party agreed to change the constitution in order to avoid the same crisis again and a referendum was held. The referendum on the constitutional amendment, in which the President will be elected by the people, was accepted with 69.1% of the votes. This referendum was the flare of the transition to the presidential model. The first President elected by the people was Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Following the July 15, 2016 coup attempt, the AK Party and MHP decided to make a model change in order to make the state apparatus work faster. With the 2017 referendum, the system was changed and the Presidential Government System / presidential model was adopted on 16 April 2017 with 51.4% of the votes. The bureaucratic tutelage in our country, which had presidential election crises, could only be eliminated through the popular vote / presidential system. For today, this has been achieved. Presidential elections, the source of the political crisis involving the bureaucracy, have been held for two periods without any problems. Likewise, with the presidential model, the period of intervention to the stability such as forming a government and discrediting the government was put to a point.