Can Erdogan succeed?

Can Erdogan succeed?

Every living thing and every structure is born, lives and dies. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his friends founded the Republican People's Party on 9 September 1923.

The Democratic Party won the election in 1946. However, the CHP did not make the Democratic Party the first party in that election because the open vote was classified in secret.

CHP entered the first 23 years alone entered 6 elections. In 1946, DP entered the elections and received a serious vote. However, the rulers of the CHP, who have been accustomed to the blessings of the government for years, made the CHP the first party again.

The Democratic Party did things that would change the country's fate, but its power lasted 10 years. The revolutionaries closed the DP on 29 September 1960.

Turgut Özal founded the Motherland Party in 1983. The coup put Kenan Evren to vote for Sunalp's party, but no one gave power to ANAP, but on May 20, 1983, ANAP entered 45% of the vote and formed the government alone with 212 deputies.

Turgut Özal, the founder of ANAP, became the 8th President of the Republic on 9 November 1989. ANAP, though not officially, was actually over. In other words, the good days between 1986 and 1989 were only 6 years.

After Özal, Akbulut was the first party leader. Some people in ANAP supported Mesut Yılmaz. On June 6, 1991, Mesut Yılmaz became the head of ANAP. Yılmaz made no contribution to ANAP and ate Özal's fortune.

While the last years of ANAP fluctuated, Erbakan's Welfare Party emerged. Demirel, who refused to serve the first party in the 1995 elections, gave the task of establishing the 3rd party ANAP.

General Chairman of the Welfare Party late Erbakan Hodja 54. Government established the Republic of Turkey. (Also known as the Erbakan Government or REFAHYOL), who served from 28 June 1996 to 30 June 1997, the government lasted only one year.

Turkey also receive 34% of the votes had come up to scratch. Like the DSP, there is also a government with 21.75% and an election after 1.5% of the vote and the bottom of the polls. It is not true to say the AK Party is over. The AK Party will still get 50% alone.

Erdogan is making obvious mistakes. First and foremost, he has promised to say, ey Don't vote for me sert with harsh statements instead of trying to get votes from voters who have given their hearts to HDP.

Who are you? Berat Albayrak, Süleyman Soylu, Mehmet Muş, Bayram Şenocak, former IMM chairman Mevlüt Uysal, and Bilal Erdoğan, who damages Erdoğan from the outside.

If the AK Party does not choose the cadres that are popularly loved by the public in the renewal process that will begin with the congresses of the town on October 7, 2019, I will say “bye bye hapiness”.

Ali Babacan, Ahmet Davutoglu I do not know whether the party establishes. Even if they didn't, CIN came out in the lamp once. So nothing will be the same.

Founding staff: No Abdullah Gül, No Abdullatif Şener, No Ahmet Davutoğlu, No Ali Babacan, No Nihat Ergün, No Sadullah Ergin, No Hüseyin Çelik… A lot of people are saying what happens in the direction of the wind as it stands to determine the direction too people & nbsp;

For God's sake, if you want to sell a real estate of your own and are older than 65, they will request a full medical report in the hospital. However, with the knowledge of Abdulkadir Aksu, the chairman of the board of Vakıfbank, who gives more credit than the value of the real estate every day, with what knowledge?

Mevlüt Uysal, who played a major role in the loss of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, became a member of Halk Bank's Board of Directors because of his vast knowledge. I hear very bad smells on this subject… If you say ey neymiş ip I immediately give you a tip .. Bilge Erdogan in Turgev and Tuga has made it easier for the job because of the loss of the IBB has been assigned to ensure that the assignment is made.

Some of my friends are asking why I'm offended by the AK party. I am personally resentful and angry with anyone and the structure. However, the audience can not stay in the mistakes.

Mehmet Simsek, who speaks 6 languages ​​of his life in the finance community abroad, just because he criticized the right to exclude from where we will vote, and we will invest in those who will vote for us with the surname of the people who say Bellüt Uysal will make you a member of the Board of Directors and you will not expect anyone to criticize you yaaa.

When you see injustice somewhere in our religion, first try to correct it with your hand. If this is not enough, try to correct it with your tongue this time. If this is not enough, the weakest link of faith, which is the heart of the ICE meat.

The last word, one of the people of the AK Party executives say you broke off from the public. Excuse me, but which government signed the Istanbul Convention that promotes IBNAB?

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