Bronze at Junior European Championships: Boxer Ismet Ademi injured

Bronze at Junior European Championships: Boxer Ismet Ademi injured

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Actually, Ismet Ademi should have fought on Monday at the European Junior Championships in Anapa, Russia against Timur Avdoian for the finals in the finals. Since the young boxer of the BC Helios Aachen but had contracted a ligament in the quarterfinals, he had to give up even before the first round without a fight - and bury his dream of the European title.

"Ismet was very disappointed," reported his Aachen coach Hermann Kehren, who telephoned daily with his protégé during the tournament. "But he should remember that he returned undefeated and with a bronze medal from Russia."

Until his injury, the tournament would not have been much better for the 16-year old boxing talent. In the second round he defeated the Belarusians Daniil Maroz by technical K.o. (RSC), in the quarter-finals, he prevailed against the favored Greek Konstantinos Nikolaos Sotiropoulos unanimously on points. "Maroz was much heavier than Ismet, but not so mobile. At Sotiropoulos, the opposite was the case, "observed Keening, who followed his protégé's fights in the livestream. "His knockout fight was a clear affair. After the second round in the quarterfinals, I said to my wife: Now he has to explode. "And Ademi" exploded "; his opponent was counted and the semi-finals were perfect.

On the way to the finals, he would have met the Russian Avdoian, "with him he has made sparring in the run - and clearly dominated it," reports Kehren. "Many coaches have said that Ismet will be European champion. It is a pity that an injury stopped him. Still, the European Championship was a great experience for him. "

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