Brandi Rhodes on what makes her excited about the AEW women's department [exclusive interview]

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Brandi Rhodes is an all-elite wrestling branding officer and he hunts a variety of wrestlers who attract his undivided attention.

Athletes such as Awesome Kong, Nyla Rose and Dr. Britt Baker have warmed up to the scene and rabies fans can't get enough of what AEW makes. The company showcases wrestlers from all walks of life, and Brandi wants the company's fan base to know they're just getting started.

During a comic contest in New York, Rhodes told Still Real To Us what he was currently looking for to make a diverse list.

“As far as representation is concerned, that’s what I look at, especially when it comes to women wrestlers; I don't have any blinds turned on. So, what I'm looking for is something wrestling. Something that really excites people, ”Rhodes tells Still Real To Us.

One of the wrestlers who talked about the city on social media was Sadie Gibbs. Unaware of his work before, AEW fans quickly informed Brand that Gibbs was someone who should be on his radars. When he reviewed the AEW CBO shots, he knew Gibbs was suitable for AEW.

"In the case of Sadie Gibbs, the fans said, 'Have you seen Sadie Gibbs?' "I'm like, 'Who the hell is Sadie Gibbs?' "I looked at his work and went, 'Wow, that's why these people are so integrated into him.' "He's very talented," says Brandi. "Don't forget he's in England, and don't forget he's never been on television before - that's something people want to see."

Ask and you will receive because Gibbs joined the growing list of AEW and left a strong impression. During the All Out premiere, Gibbs was one of the women who eliminated the powerful Awesome Kong during Women’s Casino Battle Royale. At the moment, Gibbs was portrayed as someone who would become an important player in the company. In addition to Gibbs, Riho also makes splashes in North America. The more unknown 22-year-old wrestler from Tokyo is now in front of the AEW women's division. According to Brand, it is not a strange coincidence that international talent has a chance to succeed in AEW.

"It simply came to our notice then. He does not speak English with Riho. Does that stop us from keeping him on our list? No, ”exclaims Brandi. "It simply came to our notice then. He has an incredible heart and is very, very talented in this ring in many different ways. "

AEW wants Dynamite to be a comprehensive show that welcomes fans from all walks of life, and Brandi knows it's a collaboration designed to show the best in professional wrestling. She continues to tell Real Real Us that she has an open mind about the company's vision for the future of prosperous women.

"I think the answer is not to look for anything. It's about questions like, "What excites me?" What do I see fans excited about what ultimately excites me? When I show the shots to the rest of the shots, they go, “Wow! Cool. '”

AEW women not only compete fiercely around, but also invite matches. Judge Aubrey Edwards has caught the attention of fans with his style of game management. One of his biggest moments in the organization so far was giving a bloody Chris Jericho reminder of the Agent's AEW World Championships during the explosive "All Out-pay-per-view" outing at the AEW World Championships. It was a defining moment that made Edwards a force to be reckoned with. Brandi says Aubrey's tenacity is why all wrestlers, both men and women, want her to be their judge when they go out to perform for fans.

"Everyone wants Aubrey all the time. When I have a match, I say, "I want Aubrey." I'm just doing it. I feel great with him because he helps with everything, ”Rhodes reveals to Still Real To Us. "She knows the story. He's so in the game. He is a saint. "

AEW will continue to receive its blessings from Saint Aubrey as the company continues to pull significant ratings in TNT's key demos. Last week, AEW Dynamite attracted 1.018 million viewers to the NXT 790,000. AEW's Brand Minister reassures fans that AEW is key to continued success and growth by providing fair opportunities throughout their list.

"Women are very good. You have to give it to them. You need to pay attention to them. You need to give them those places. As long as they continue to deliver in these ways, they deserve the places they have been given, ”concludes Brandi.

AEW Dynamite will return to TNT tonight at 8:00 PM EST. The show is set to be an intense ring game between AEW world champion Chris Jericho and sub-player Darby Allin in the Philly Street Fight. In the same intriguing doubles match, Riho defends his newly won AEW Women's World Championships with Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. Jon Moxley and PAC also compete in Adam Page and Kenny Omega. Brandi Rhodes is also expected to appear. The show takes place in the center of Liacouras.

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