Boxers do not let themselves be blown away by frustration

Boxers do not let themselves be blown away by frustration

EMSTEK / GARREL / ANAPA They could not collect medals and trophies in Anapa, but they had a lot of experience: what the boxers Alexander Wersch (SV Emstek) and Nick Getz (BSV Garrel) experienced at their first European Championship participation, did indeed happen once really hurt, but could still lead to many happy moments. After all, it is not uncommon for defeats that allow subsequent victories. In the title fights of the juniors on the Russian Black Sea coast lost the two proteges of the coach Wilhelm Höfling each 0-3 in the first round (the NWZ reported). Now, the German champions of the U-17 try to draw the right conclusions from the failure and to develop boxerically. "Of course, the two were once really disappointed," says Höfling, who had accompanied the German national team in the spa. "But they have learned a lot."

And who wants to teach the great fear, must first learn a lot. Also, how hurt clear defeats do. Getz and Wersch, the two 16-year-old boxing talents, had rushed from victory to victory in Germany. Now, having to realize how much harder it is to keep up with the competition from Eastern Europe hurt more than any blow they put in. And there were some: Getz, who competed in the weight class up to 80 kilograms, had to defeat the immensely strong Arkadii Kartsan (Ukraine). And also Wersch (up to 66 kilograms) had the lot of luck, but an exceptional performer brings: Vladyslav Perevalov - also from the home of world-class boxer Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko.

Both opponents of the German boxing talent have already fought more than 130 fights and won almost all. But not only the impressed coach Wilhelm Höfling. "What the Ukrainians and Russians do is just incredibly professional. Since you can take a lot. "So it was no wonder that the hosts dominated the title fights. Nine out of 13 titles in the various weight classes would have secured the Russian pugilists, reports Höfling.

While the hosts celebrated one success after another, Getz and Wersch worked hard again: Despite their early retirement, they spent ten days in the circle of the national team in Anapa and sparring fights with high-class opponents - until it was on Monday by plane Berlin and from there by train back home in the district Cloppenburg went.

There they not only had a lot to tell, but also to congratulate another fighter. Finally, Jens Rat (SV Emstek) crowned the International German Champion of the U-18 in their absence (the NWZ reported). In Cologne, the 16-year-old (up to 56 kg) had shown that he can be expected. He beat Konstantin Hellwich (North Rhine-Westphalia), Usub Tamoev (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) and Sergey Melnyk (Bayern) on points and thus secured the title. He had to box three times in the cathedral city three times instead of the usual three times two minutes. Eventually, the tournament was held to adult standards. This is how advice has learned in the last few days - but not so painfully. , ,

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