Best practices and profitability go hand in hand with "Kda", the Digital Agency Kit of the National Agents Syndicate

Best practices and profitability go hand in hand with Kda, the Digital Agency Kit of the National Agents Syndicate

MILAN - That of Lamezia Terme was the first convention organized in the year of Sna's centenary and consequently it is not surprising that Angela Occhipinti, a member of the National Executive and creator of the Kda program, during the speech held during the event organized by the Provincial Section of Cosenza Cosenza, has paid particular attention to the history of the union and to the importance, not only symbolic, of the anniversary.

One hundred years of trade union activity resulting from the farsightedness demonstrated by 5 enlightened colleagues who decided to give birth to the collective representation of the category in the distant 29 May 1919, from which example the same companies took inspiration in creating, in turn, the Ania. A long century spent in protecting the rights of the insurance agent and its professional role aimed at responding to security needs coming from families, businesses, professions, in social and economic contexts widely different from each other, as well as in continuous evolution .

A century of successes that have allowed us to overcome difficult times, sometimes as dramatic as in some ways is the current one, in the widespread awareness that the interests of the agents have never been so much in contrast with those of the companies and that solidarity is the driving force of every conquest.

And precisely in the context of a dynamic reading of the profession, the need for the category to adapt to the cultural change of contemporary society within legislative and regulatory frameworks that require in-depth knowledge has been highlighted. It is only through competence, including technical-legal competence, that it is possible to develop one's business by placing the client and his insurance needs at the center of the consulting activity, with the greatest possible independence from the product factories. & Nbsp; In this context, the autonomous treatment of the data in compliance with the rules set by the Gdpr is essential for the optimal development of the agency, as the databases represent and increasingly will represent the real "black gold" of the digital age. It follows that from the free use of information received from customers, acquired and potential, the survival of the category depends to a large extent, otherwise subjected to increasing competition from the respective principals who have set their own strategy on multi-channel. The task assigned by Salvatore Rose, President of the Provincial section of Cosenza, organizer of the meeting, to Franco Pittori, owner of the New Members company, was to deepen the arguments regarding the agency compliance, with particular attention to the technological services contained in the Kda version 2.0, the tool developed by Sna to tackle the difficult transition to digitization. If each agency had an institutional site, could offer its clients an agency app, be autonomous in data management, had an proprietary information system, the category would certainly be stronger and able to confront the financial giants that dominate the Italian insurance market.

It would be even freer and more authoritative if each agent could quote the unwanted and out-of-market risks of its principals, feeling concretely free to choose from time to time the offer most consistent with the customer's needs.

This was explained by the sales manager Alessandro Centonze of Aby Broker, which the estimator entered in the "Digital Agency Kit", makes it possible to: formulate the best proposal under the tariff and regulatory profile for the single risk and for the individual customer, through a collaboration relationship A with B without costs and production constraints of any kind. This is a simple and rarely effective system in operation in over 300 Sna agencies registered throughout the entire boot that allows each agent to develop their best practice centered on profitability and on offering the best product to customers resulting from the diversification of sources from which to draw.

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