Beach volleyball, European 2019 Moscow. Tomorrow the four blue couples will start on the pitch with a triple assault on Russia

Beach volleyball, European 2019 Moscow. Tomorrow the four blue couples will start on the pitch with a triple assault on Russia

The Luzhniki Sports Complex kicks off tomorrow morning at 11 am 2019 of the European Beach Volleyball Championship. As always in the odd years preceding the Olympics the European is a bit compressed between the tournaments that give points for the Olympic qualification and therefore takes on a secondary role but, especially in the men's field, this is a tournament that looks a lot like a World Cup match that it took place a month ago and that has awarded the Russians Stoyanovskiy / Krasilnikov who will want to confirm themselves in front of the friendly public but the Norwegians Mol / Sorum, continental champions in charge, as well as at least a dozen other couples of the highest level, do not agree.

In the women's field, uncertainty reigns supreme: you want the problems of the number one couple in Europe, the Czech Hermannova / Slukova, whose season was characterized by a serious injury in Slukova that prevented them from participating in the World Cup, you want for the slow (but inexorable) ascent of a couple of German couples (Borger / Sude and Ludwig / Kozuch) and the continuity of other top pairs such as the Dutch Keizer / Meppelink, reigning champions, or the hosts Makroguzova / Kholomina and the Spanish Liliana / Elsa. Menegatti / Orsi Toth will also try to insert themselves in this restricted circle. After the splendid fifth place in the world, they have suffered only defeats in the two Major Series and need to find the game of the best days, together with a pinch of confidence.

Today we start with all four Italian couples on the pitch for the first challenge of the days that will develop with the Italian formula, like at the World Cup. The first to take the field at 12 Italian time will be Enrico Rossi and Adrian Carambula, veterans from 17th place in Vienna who cannot be considered satisfactory. The blues have a difficult story: beat the Russian hosts Hudyakov / Velichko who come from the victory in the 1 star tournament of Pinarella di Cervia, the only outstanding result of a season so far not exciting that could have been held in the last 16 in Sydney when they were beaten by Rossi / Carambula to the advantages of the tie break. From there to Pinarella many performances below expectations, including an impalpable presence at the Hamburg World Cup.

At 4pm it will be the turn of Andrea Abbiati and Tiziano Andreatta who will have to do a real feat to emerge victorious from the challenge with another well-titled home couple, the Russians Liamin / Myskiv, who have been together for three months and are already in the quarterfinals in Jinjiang and Warsaw and in the round of 16 at the Hamburg World Cup and in Gstaad. Just the first round of the Jinjiang tournament dates back to the only previous match between the two couples with the success of the Russians in three sets.

At 3pm the three-time European champions Paolo Nicolai and Daniele Lupo take the field and face the most affordable pair of their iron group, also here in Russia, made up of Gorbenko and Likholetov. Couple who last year played a couple of tournaments together (the last one in Moscow with the elimination in qualifying after the fifth place of Anapa in Turkey). Likholetov seemed to have abandoned the activity on sand but was urgently called to replace the injured Ivanov, a young promising young man of the Russian nursery, already protagonists of European and World Youth Championships this season. All in all affordable game for Lupo / Nicolai: there are obviously no precedents.

In the women's field, after tonight's starter which saw for group C the Russian hosts Bocharova / Voronina beat 2-0 (21-16, 21-18) the Austrian Schützenhöfer / Plesiutschnig and the Czech Bonnerova / Maixnerova overcome 2-1 (17-21, 21-18, 15-10) the Norwegian Kjolberg / Hjortland, returning from the final lost in Lubijana, today all the other couples take the field including the blue one composed of Menegatti and Orsi Toth. The Italians will see it at 10 Italian time with the Greek Arvaniti / Karagkouni, an expert couple who has achieved two successes in the season, in Lubijana last year and Phnom Penh in Cambodia this year. The only precedent between the two couples dates back to 2013 with success for the blue in two sets.

Results today August 5th. Women's Pool C: Schützenhöfer / Plesiutschnig (Aut) -Bocharova / Voronina (Rus) 0-2 (16-21, 18-21), Kjølberg / Hjortland (Nor) -Bonnerova / Maixnerova (Cze) 1-2 (21-17 , 18-21, 10-15)

Program August 6th. 9 Pool B female: Heidrich / Vergé-Dépré (Sui) -Ludwig / Kozuch (Ger), Lahti / Parkkinen (Fin) -Frolova / Ganenko (Rus), Pool E female: Ittlinger / Laboureur (Ger) -Lehtonen / Ahtiainen ( Fin), Behrens / Tillmann (Ger) -Soria / Carro (Esp). 10 Pool A female: Menegatti / Orsi Toth (Ita) -Arvaniti / Karagkouni (Gre), Kloda / Ceynowa (Pol) -Placette / Richard (Fra). Pool H female: Liliana / Elsa (Esp) -Lunina / Samoday (Ukr), Makroguzova / Kholomina (Rus) -Lobato / Amaranta (Esp) 11 Pool A male: Plavins / Tocs (Lat) -Bykanov / Samoday (Rus), Mol / Sørum (Nor) -Huber / Dressler (Aut). Male Pool G: Perusic / Schweiner (Cze) -Ermacora / Pristauz (Aut), Kantor / Losiak (Pol) -Nõlvak / Tiisaar (East) 12 Male Pool H: Koekelkoren / van Walle (Bel) -Walkenhorst / Winter (Ger) , Thole / Wickler (Ger) -Popov / Gordieiev (Ukr). Men's Pool F: Carambula / Rossi (Ita) -Hudyakov / Velichko (Rus), Herrera / Gavira (Esp) -Beeler / Krattiger (Sui) 13 Women's Pool B: Strbova / Dubovcova (Svk) -Jupiter / Chamereau (Fra), Betschart / Hüberli (Sui) -Freiberger / Teufl (Aut) 15 Pool E male: Brouwer / Meeuwsen (Ned) -Doppler / Horst (Aut), Nicolai / Lupo (Ita) -Gorbenko / Likholetov (Rus). Men's Pool B: Heidrich / Gerson (Sui) -Varenhorst / van de Velde (Ned) 16 Men's Pool D: Liamin / Myskiv (Rus) -Andreatta / Abbiati (Ita), Fijalek / Bryl (Pol) -Giginoglu / Gögtepe (Tur ). Men's Pool C: Samoilovs / Smedins (Lat) -Kolaric / Basta (Srb) 17 Women's Pool F: Stubbe / van Iersel (Ned) -Rudykh / Dabizha (Rus), Borger / Sude (Ger) -Kvapilova / Kubickova (Cze) . Women's Pool D: Wojtasik / Kociolek (Pol) -Caluori / Gerson (Sui) 18 Women's Pool D: Birlova / Ukolova (Rus) -Graudina / Kravcenoka (Lat) 19 Men's Pool B: Krasilnikov / Stoyanovskiy (Rus) -Bergmann / Harms (Ger) 20 Men's Pool C: Semenov / Leshukov (Rus) -Seidl / Waller (Aut)

MALE TOURNAMENT Pool A: Plavins / Tocs (Lat), Bykanov / Samoday (Rus), Mol / Sørum (Nor), Huber / Dressler (Aut) Pool B: Krasilnikov / Stoyanovskiy (Rus), Bergmann / Harms (Ger ), Heidrich / Gerson (Sui), Varenhorst / van de Velde (Ned) Pool C: Semenov / Leshukov (Rus), Seidl / Waller (Aut), Samoilovs / Smedins (Lat), Kolaric / Basta (Srb) Pool D: Liamin / Myskiv (Rus), Andreatta / Abbiati (Ita), Fijalek / Bryl (Pol), Giginoglu / Gögtepe (Tur) Pool E: Brouwer / Meeuwsen (Ned), Doppler / Horst (Aut), Nicolai / Lupo (Ita) , Gorbenko / Likholetov (Rus) Pool F: Carambula / Rossi (Ita), Hudyakov / Velichko (Rus), Herrera / Gavira (Esp), Beeler / Krattiger (Sui) Pool G: Perusic / Schweiner (Cze), Ermacora / Pristauz (Aut), Kantor / Losiak (Pol), Nõlvak / Tiisaar (East) Pool H: Koekelkoren / van Walle (Bel), Walkenhorst / Winter (Ger), Thole / Wickler (Ger), Popov / Gordieiev (Ukr)

FEMALE TOURNAMENT Pool A: Menegatti / Orsi Toth (Ita), Arvaniti / Karagkouni (Gre), Kloda / Ceynowa (Pol), Placette / Richard (Fra) Pool B: Heidrich / Vergé-Dépré (Sui), Ludwig / Kozuch (Ger), Lahti / Parkkinen (Fin), Frolova / Ganenko (Rus) Pool C: Bocharova / Voronina (Rus), Bonnerova / Maixnerova (Cze) 2; Schützenhöfer / Plesiutschnig (Aut), Kjølberg / Hjortland (Nor) 1. Pool D: Birlova / Ukolova (Rus), Graudina / Kravcenoka (Lat), Wojtasik / Kociolek (Pol), Caluori / Gerson (Sui) Pool E: Ittlinger / Laboureur (Ger), Lehtonen / Ahtiainen (Fin), Behrens / Tillmann (Ger), Soria / Carro (Esp). Pool F: Stubbe / van Iersel (Ned), Rudykh / Dabizha (Rus), Borger / Sude (Ger), Kvapilova / Kubickova (Cze) Pool G: Strbova / Dubovcova (Svk), Jupiter / Chamereau (Fra), Betschart / Hüberli (Sui), Freiberger / Teufl (Aut)

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