Beach Volley, World Tour 2018, Porec and Anapa. Vanni / Di Stefano: good the first! Gradini / Puccinelli: how many regrets!

Beach Volley, World Tour 2018, Porec and Anapa. Vanni / Di Stefano: good the first! Gradini / Puccinelli: how many regrets!

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A victory and a defeat in the first part of the morning for the Italian couples involved in the 1 Star World Tour tournaments in Porec (Croatia) and Anapa (Russia), which will see two other couples take the field during the day.

In Anapa, a debut for the only Italian couple at the start, Francesco Vanni and Daniele Di Stefano, who beat the Kazakh couple & nbsp; Dmitriyev / Yelubayev with a dry 2-0 (21-14, 21-13). A success that allows the Italian couple to go to play at 11.20 the qualification in the main draw against the Chinese & nbsp; Li Zhuoxin / Zhou, a couple still to be discovered in the team coached by Paulao.

First round male qualifiers: Vanni / Di Stefano (Ita) -Dmitriyev / Yelubayev (Kaz) 2-0 (21-14, 21-13), Belunin / Kushaliyev (Kaz) -Oláh / Benkö (Hun) 0-2 (14 -21, 17-21), Mandilaris / Mandilaris (Gre) -Aleinik / Petrossyants (Kaz)

Second round male qualifiers: Li Zhuoxin / Zhou (Chn) -Vanni / Di Stefano (Ita), Ertl / Seiser (Aut) -Salmanov / Saraev (Rus), Shustrov / Ivanov (Rus) -Oláh / Benkö (Hun), Winner Mandilaris / Mandilaris (Gre) -Aleinik / Petrossyants (Kaz) -Veretiuk / Shekunov (Rus).

First round women's qualifiers: & nbsp; Barsuk / Syrtseva (Rus) -Chugainova / Shingissova (Kaz) 2-0 (21-11, 21-13), Sukhoverkhova / Novikova (Rus) -Frolova / Ganenko (Rus), Zayonchkovskaya / Rudykh (Rus) -Urata / Tanaka (Jpn), Rubilko / Zhuk (Kaz) -Sviridova / Frolova (Rus)

In Porec instead disappointment and some regrets for the young Italians Gradini and Puccinelli who stopped a step away from the small company to eliminate the equally young Americans Sonny / Van Winden. The blue pair has succumbed to the tie break at the end of a challenge played on alternating current. In the first set the Americans who won 21-17 better, in the second set a nice comeback by the Italians who, under 8-11, managed to equalize to 17 and win the advantages (22-20), then, in the tie break, when it seemed all simple for Gradini / Puccinelli, ahead 9-5, the comeback of the Americans who drew at 11 and set themselves with the score of 15-13, returning the comeback of the previous set. Only Barboni / Costantini will represent Italy in the main draw of the Croatian tournament, while later Galli / Morichelli and Monduzzi / Passoni will take the field to attempt access to the men's main draw.

First round women's qualifications: Gradini / Puccinelli (Ita) -Sonny / Van Winden (USA) 1-2 (17-21, 22-20, 13-15), Szabó / Háfra (Hun) -Bulc / Zdešar (Slo) 2 -0 (21-16, 21-17), Klinger / Klinger (Aut) -Konstantinou / Konstantopoulou (Cyp), Skarlovnik / Pesic (Slo) -Lovsin / Kotnik (Slo), Piersma / Wouters (Ned) -Bevc / Kersnik (Slo), Dénesi / Györi (Hun) -Dörfler / Wiesmeyr (Aut), Zolnercikova / Klimesova (Czde) -Niemczyk / Krebs (Ger), Dostalova / Komarkova (Cze) -Angelopoulou / Gusarova (Cyp)