BC Helios Aachen boxer Ismet Ademi at the Youth European Championship

BC Helios Aachen boxer Ismet Ademi at the Youth European Championship

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The time has come: Ismet Ademi starts his journey into a new adventure. The talented boxer of BC Helios Aachen will get on the plane in Düsseldorf on Sunday and enter Russian soil a few hours later. On his training jacket but then the logo of his club will shine, but the coat of arms with the German federal eagle.

The 16-year-old has been nominated by national coach Andreas Schulze for the European Junior Championship, which will take place from 30 September to 17 October in Anapa (Russia). "Of course I'm a bit excited," says Ademi, who secured the title of German super heavyweight champion U17 on Rügen at the end of April.

In recent weeks, the 1.91-meter-tall athlete has prepared intensively with coach Hermann Kehren for the European Championship. Basic and technical training, strength endurance, tactics training and sparring were on the program. "Unfortunately, there are no 16-year-olds in the region who have the qualifications to spar with them," says Kehren on the difficult search for suitable training opponents.

Nevertheless, the experienced coach was successful, even if the counterparty had a few years more under his belt than his protégé. For example, the 25-year-old Aachen world champion in Thai boxing, Frederic Fraikin (Tai-Kien Aachen), joined Ademi in the ring to provide an intensive sparring. "We searched for different types of fighters. Freddy always goes to the front, that was a very good experience for Ismet, "summarizes Kehren, who maintains a" very close relationship "with his hopeful talent at least since the triumph at the DM. "We train almost every day. I see him more often than my wife, "says Kehren with a wink.

The more unfamiliar it will be for the student of the Heinrich Heine comprehensive school, if he will climb on Sunday without his coach in the plane. Although the coming from Aachen NRW youth leader Josef Gottfried - who had intensively campaigned for the nomination Ademis - the journey also begin. Yet he will be on his own most of the time. "This will be a very intense experience for him", Kehren is convinced.

What awaits him specifically in Russia, for Ademi and his coach is still a book with seven seals. For example, the opponent of the now 95-kilogram boxer is only after the draw in Anapa stuck. Nevertheless, sweeping dares his talent to a medal. "I have not yet seen a 15- or 16-year-old who is as strong as Ismet," says the coach, who for many years supervised the successful Aachen professional boxer Adnan Serin. And Ademi also shows self-confidence and says, "I'll do my best. I think I will have a lot of fun. "

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