Auto false RC policies: what measures to protect the consumer?

Auto false RC policies: what measures to protect the consumer?

Not a week goes by without the IVASS signaling the presence of irregular internet sites that sell RC auto false policies. After the blackout by the Finance Police of 222 sites that passed off bogus insurances, the Supervisory Institute reported another 33 on 17 July and a further 16 the following day. And dozens, or perhaps hundreds, of people, attracted by the offer of very advantageous tariffs, continue to fall into the trap of these scam sites by signing auto policies that do not really exist. It is therefore urgent that all the parties involved establish new and more effective measures to protect the consumer.

Vincenzo Cirasola, president of ANAPA, National Association of Insurance Professional Agents, is of the same opinion and proposed a consultation table with IVASS to study new solutions. "The work of control and prevention by IVASS and law enforcement is certainly valid, but to prevent and defeat the phenomenon of RC auto false policies, which can cost the unsuspecting victims dear, an even more incisive work of information is needed ".

For example, according to Cirasola, consumers should have a better understanding of the usefulness of being able to rely on the direct advice of insurance agencies and agents. Without demonizing the web, which remains an important tool in the evolution of the insurance system. "Agents in flesh and bone" can never be replaced by a click. Their importance is not only technical and consultative, but they represent a tangible guarantee that what you are buying is a serious and certified product, which guarantees coverage from damages. "

In other words, ANAPA does not recommend online insurance policies, inviting you to use the internet only to collect general information, and instead to rely on the safest agencies. Of course, it may seem a bit too biased advice. But it is also true that only insurance agents allow you to have direct and personal contact, minimizing the risk of running into phantom websites. At the same time we recall that there are very many sites, portals and comparators that are absolutely reliable, with which any policy can be stipulated in absolute serenity. It is enough to know how to recognize them.

"IVASS has released a document explaining how to defend itself against online scams," Cirasola pointed out, "First of all, be wary of websites that refer to famous insurance companies in their names. And then check on the Institute's website the lists of Italian and foreign companies admitted to operate in Italy, the Single Register of Insurance Intermediaries (RUI), the list of EU intermediaries and the list of notices relating to cases of counterfeiting , unauthorized companies and non-compliant websites. Another way to immediately notice the correctness and legality of a site that offers auto policies is to check the recipient's name and payment method, lifting the antennas well if the beneficiary is not registered in one of the lists containing the companies allowed to operate . In addition, care must be taken if payment is requested for rechargeable or prepaid credit cards, because these are irregular payments.

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