At a meeting in Anapa discussed the development of the resort industry of the Kuban

At a meeting in Anapa discussed the development of the resort industry of the Kuban  meta name article published time content 2019 10 12T15 27 57 0300
 meta property og title content At a meeting in Anapa, the development of the resort industry of the Kuban was discussed
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 meta property twitter title content At a meeting in Anapa, the development of the resort industry of the Kuban was discussed
 meta property twitter description content This year 15.3 million people rested in the Krasnodar Territory
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In the City Theater, a regional meeting was held, which examined the organization of beach vacations and the activities of small accommodation during the holiday season. The governor of the Kuban, Veniamin Kondratiev, held it, the press service of the Anapa administration said.

The number of holidaymakers is growing, so should the quality of the services provided for a more comfortable stay. This applies to the hotel itself, and the surrounding area, and beaches, said Benjamin Kondratiev.

Related news Sochi and Anapa entered the top 10 best Russian resorts for holidays in the fall Special attention to the availability of beaches. The head of the region emphasized that access to the beach areas should be open to everyone, without exception, and instructed the Ministry of Resorts to ensure that the order is completed until May 1.

Yuri Polyakov told how the holiday season in Anapa went. In 2019, 4 million 800 thousand tourists rested at the resort. 95 thousand young Russians recovered in children's health resorts, which is 7 thousand more than last year.

Thanks to the coordinated work of all city services, interagency cooperation with the prosecutor's office and other structures, the quality organization of the sanatorium complex, the season went smoothly.

On the eve of the summer, large-scale work was carried out to reconstruct the treatment facilities in Sukko, which significantly improved the ecological situation in the resort village. During the season, all water samples in the recreation area met the necessary requirements of sanitary legislation, outbreaks of infectious diseases were prevented.

A lot of work has been done to increase the attractiveness of the resort, 1,092 accommodation facilities have been classified. The number of hotels operating under the all-inclusive system has been increased to 38. Last year, there were 22. Agritourism is developing, new display facilities, fountains and public gardens are open.

Work was done to improve the beach infrastructure. The number of bathrooms and free Wi-Fi access zones has been increased. The appearance of the beaches themselves is brought to a single style using the resort’s brand.

Particular attention to control in the field of trade and resort services. From June to August, over 2000 protocols were compiled for illegal entrepreneurs for a total amount of almost 6 million rubles.

Our working groups and commissions have monitored455 accommodation facilities this season. Of these, 355 are included in the register of objects with signs of violations of land and tax laws. B215 violations are eliminated, cases on 32 objects are considered in court. For all the rest, we carry out claims and pre-trial work, Yury Polyakov noted in his report.

The head of Anapa also added that preparations for the next holiday season have already begun and every effort will be made to Anapa to remain the best resort in the country for children and families.

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