Assicurazioni Generali, Unipol, Allianz and more, what is boiling in the pot of the workers' contract

Assicurazioni Generali, Unipol, Allianz and more, what is boiling in the pot of the workers' contract

All the issues that will be discussed at the table between insurance companies such as Generali, Unipol and Allianz represented by Ania with the unions for the signing of a new contract for the category

After 13 years the companies return to sit at the table with the insurance agents with the intention of arriving at the signing of a new contract for the category. Ania, the association headed by Maria Bianca Farina, is expected to be convened in the coming weeks and there will be decidedly hot topics to discuss.

Among the issues to be reviewed, which are dear to the agents, there is, for example, the institution of recoupment, or rather the rules governing the transfer of agencies to new incoming professionals. "The old rules no longer take into account the actual profitability of the portfolio resulting from the new regulations approved in recent years, such as the Bersani laws," stressed several times in the past the president of the representative of the association of agents Anapa, Vincenzo Cirasola, asking the urgent opening of a new table with the companies. In practice, the new agents taking over from the outgoing ones are forced to value their portfolios at a higher price than today's actual value, creating a problem in generational turnover.

Not only. Among the open topics there is then the contribution of the share paid by the companies to the pension fund agents, the Fonage. Even these contribution values ​​are still at fixed amounts in 2003, Anapa had pointed out. While the agents gathered in Sna, chaired by Claudio Demozzi, were even more pugnacious, managing to bring home a bill, signed by Senator Andrea de Bertoldi (Brothers of Italy), which aims to modify even the civil code providing, for example, for the exclusion of all insurance classes from the exclusion, the need for adequate advance notice for agents in the event of revocation of the mandate and certain rules on portfolio allowances.

Just a few days ago, Demozzi had welcomed the start of the legislative process of the de Bertoldi bill, in the Senate Justice Committee. But the jobs are obviously long, given, among other things, that the bill was presented by a minority representative, while the start of the confrontation with Ania, at this point, appears imminent after, in recent weeks, the executive committee of the insurance association expressed its intention to open a working group with representatives of insurance agents' unions.

The last attempt to reach an agreement had been in 2013, when Aldo Minucci was in the presidency of ANIA, but everything had jumped, with the association of insurance companies that had asked, among other things, to differentiate in the new contract the agents according to two categories: those more integrated with the insurance companies and the more autonomous ones, who work with several companies, in practice the multi-mandates. A position that had found the firm opposition of Sna who had immediately put himself on a war footing.

Now we start again with the discussions and it is easy to foresee that the negotiations will not be in descent. In these 13 years, so much has changed in the profession of agent, starting with the challenges that come from the spread of new technologies. "We hope that despite the differences that may exist today, we will all work together, Anapa, Sna and the agent groups to innovate the agreement thanks to dialogue and confrontation that represent the only way to arrive at concrete, effective and shared solutions", Cirasola commented yesterday.

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