Archeological findings of Hungarian relevance may have been found in the Caucasus

Archeological findings of Hungarian relevance may have been found in the Caucasus

Probably the tombs related to eastern Hungarian prehistory have been discovered by a research group of Hungarian and Russian archaeologists in Russia as a result of excavation at the Andreevskyskaya Shchel site near Anapa, in the north-western foreground of the Caucasus, said archaeologist Gabriella M. Lezsa and Erwin Gáll.

The excavation, funded by the Hungarian Research Institute, was organized in October by Gabriella M. Lezsák, in cooperation with archaeologists Gáll Erwin, Andrei Novicsihin, Andrei Baranjuk, Ruslan Shhatum, Roman Prokofiev and Konstantin Krutogolovenko. Some archaeological finds have been previously reported by the archaeologists who have excavated some of the scattered finds associated with the Carpathian Basin, such as palmetto-shaped disc braids, fragments of tarsalylis, gilded bronze cross-haired sabers, ornate palmetto ornaments.

“The burial habits and material culture (W-K orientation, pots, weapons, including sabers, arrowheads) show a close relationship with the Subbotyic archaeological burial horizon known from the South as a 9th-century Hungarian. The researchers will conduct a burial of the burials they have discovered (genetic tests, strontium isotope analyzes, radiocarbon dating), and will continue their research at the site in the coming years. Genetic research is carried out by the Genetics Research Center of the Hungarian Institute. The significance of the excavation is given by the fact that for the present Hungarian archaeological research, a joint Hungarian-Russian archaeological excavation was the first to be realized in what is mostly a white spot, ”the statement states.

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