Antalya news: the ANAP Chairman Celebi: alliances era has begun in Turkey

Antalya news: the ANAP Chairman Celebi: alliances era has begun in Turkey

ANTALYA, (DHA) - Motherland Party (ANAP) Chairman Ibrahim Chalabi, indicating the start of a longer alliances period in Turkey, "now the chance to govern alone in Turkey over. The Coalition also done. Being at the table will be managed in Turkey as the Motherland Party we want, "he said.

The weekly meeting of Tuesday Industrialists and Businessmen Group (Tuesday Group) was moderated by Group President Muharrem Koç at Antalya Tennis Specialization Club (ATİK). The meeting was attended by ANAP President İbrahim Çelebi. Addressing business people, Çelebi said that ANAP was remembered with the late Turgut Özal and that Özal entrusted the party to them by saying 'My greatest legacy'.

Turgut Özal, ANAP that sits on four trends, Ozal claimed that after departing from this mission embracing Turkey, which Ibrahim Chalabi, said the party was therefore left fallow by voters in the 2002 elections. After criticizing Turgut Özal's party leaders, Çelebi claimed that the scenario of merger with ANAP's True Path Party was an attempt to erase Turgut Özal and ANAP from the political scene.

Turgut Ozal's unifying mission to survive ANAP'i re-established in 2011, explaining Çelebi, "Each party will have difficult periods. We are experiencing difficult periods. We have not survived more fully, but we will survive. We are doing district congresses. We want to be in this race in January and make great congress ", he said.

"Now the chance to govern alone over in Turkey. The Coalition also done. Now began alliances period. Alliances period, we want to be at the table will be managed as Turkey Party Motherland. We took it step by Cumhur Alliance. Government our constructive, guiding our policies , we offer our suggestions;

In opposition rather than in power in Turkey claim that serious gaps and shortcomings that Ibrahim Chalabi, "The opposition parties, the government is to oversee the actions are obliged to encourage necessary. But our opposition have criticized you always do whatever it done. He has no done right? If only accurate when done correctly, wrong done done wrong done, "he said.

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