Animals and even robots are predicting the results of the World Cup in Russia

Animals and even robots are predicting the results of the World Cup in Russia

In the midst of the football frenzy in Russia, the stakes are high and it is not surprising that 11 animals have been summoned for their gift of predicting game results.

During the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, an octopus named Paul, from Oberhausen, Germany, was famous for correctly predicting the results of 7 games in which the German team participated. Paul made the guesses by selecting between two boxes of food. Since then, using animals as soccer circles has become a trend, although not a new one: the practice was very common in ancient times.

As expected, fashion has also caught on in Russia. Currently, there are more than 11 animals across the country predicting results of the 2018 World Cup matches.

A deaf cat named Achilles, who lives in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, predicted Russia's victory in the first game against Saudi Arabia, choosing between two bowls of food.

The same method was used by the raccoon Nafania, from Irkutsk, who had already predicted the Russian victory in 2015 in the Men's World Ice Hockey Championship.

In Sochi, in the south of the country, an otter named Harry predicted the same result by choosing categorically (see video) a ball with the colors of the Russian flag, between the two spheres positioned in front of him.

In Njni Novgorod, the animal chosen was a tapir called Clepatra, while the hippos Milia and Gliasik are making predictions straight from Kaliningrad.

However, the game in Russia did not stop with animals. A robot called Baxter, installed at the VDNKh exhibition center in Moscow, is using artificial intelligence to predict the results of future matches. On a daily basis, Baxter usually plays tic-tac-toe with local visitors.

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