Anapa, the northernmost tip of the great Circassia

Anapa, the northernmost tip of the great Circassia

In the late summer of this year, as a small group, we decide to cover the Russian Black Sea coast from north to south. After leaving Donetsk early in the morning, we first arrive at the border crossing with Russia and then to Rostov na Donu. From there, we turn south to Krasnodar. Everything is normal for the 550 km we left behind. In order to reach Anapa, which will be the first stop of our trip, we curl westward from the metropolis of Kuban (the name given to the Russians since the Kozaks) to Yekaterinodar. As the evening approaches, it begins to identify the first peaks in the north-west of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. This is where we start from the first green hills of the enormous mountain range that will continue to the south west coast of the Caspian Sea. until it reached the north-eastern Black Sea coast, 100 years of large Russian-Caucasian war of here occurrence that and migrating and assign a population corresponding to the mass of millions of descendants of descendants in Turkey today I played my eye while living in this land.

We set out to explore Anapa, which we met late in the evening, with the first light of day. When it comes to Anapa, there is no trace of the hills and it is located on a wide plain close to the Bosphorus. The surrounding vegetation offers a barren half-savanna terrain with sparse shrubs and maquis, while the city and its surrounding looks quite green and wooded. The center of Anapa consists of neat but slightly narrow streets and streets that intersect each other at ninety degrees. At this point, it resembles the Ilıca town of Çeşme. It is basically possible to divide this tiny city into three: more or less historical, decent and eye-catching. The second is the examples of relatively distorted structures that we started to see in Russia since the 2000s. The third is a very long and wide coastline. The name Anapa appears quite often in both Circassian and Ottoman history. Because it was the capital of Circassia until the great Circassian exile in the 19th century. And there was a huge castle built by the Ottomans at the end of the Eighteenth Century to control the Russians descending north of the Azov Sea and the Don steppes, and at the same time to preserve the Adyghe's “Natuhay boy. The only bastion remaining from the Anapa Fortress, which was almost completely destroyed by the Russian cones, stands today in the city center. His name was changed in honor of the twenty-fifth anniversary of his liberation from the Turkish yoke. There is a large excavation area opposite the giant fortress. Evidently, these are the ruins of an in-castle city with a considerable Adyghe-Turkish population. & Nbsp;

During these seaside weeks, almost all of the tourists in the city are Russian, that is, local visitors. As a matter of fact, this landscape will not change much until Sochi. In winter, the population of Anapa does not even reach eighty thousand, there are no cultural and recreation institutions from a few theaters to countless cinemas. In the heart of the city, a huge stage was established for the folklore performances of the Kuban Kozaks, the fashion of the last ten to fifteen years, and adorned with the title of yaz the city of military victory zafer which was deemed worthy of each settlement in Putin Russia. The most interesting; the red star in the background and the Tsarist Eagle in the middle. In short, the basic symbols of the enemy camps that fought against each other during the civil war, as well as before the revolution, were brought together in line with the ideological needs of Russia! On the order of President Dmitriy Medvedev, an obelisk with a double-headed eagle was placed. & Nbsp;

Although the sea of ​​Anapa is not very clean, it hosts a crowd that will not fall if the needle is thrown in the summer. The coastline starting from here is the place where large working and low-income groups in Russia spend their sea-sand-sun holidays. Go to the southern countries such as Turkey to (even) in spite of everything in the minority. The coastal-beach strip has literally turned into a "glass" (the rat race) with the popular phrase in Russian. Regardless of the small shops and eating and drinking spots and a large street market, even the fairground is reminiscent. In this respect, Turkey has views to the country as long ago here also spattered. In the meantime, it is worth noting that there are too many Armenian immigrants around. The Armenian population in the whole of Krasnodar can compete even with the people in Armenia… & nbsp; & nbsp;

Aydın Çubukçu wrote popular protests from Colombia to Bolivia, from Chile to Venezuela, from Lebanon to Iraq: the world, at war, blood, and poison, is on the verge of a new era of revolution.

"Powerful autocrats, small dictators, tyrants, populists realize that they can't silence us all at once. Nevertheless, they are getting more creative every year."

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The first part of the Syrian Constitutional Committee meetings ended. UN Special Representative in Syria Geir O. Pedersen announced that they reached an agreement on the 45 members of the constitutional editorial board.

HDP Former Hakkari Deputy Abdullah Zeydan, despite the decision to evacuate the Diyarbakir Chief Public Prosecutor's Office appealed the decision to evacuate.

Transportation problems of Abant Izzet Baysal University students in Bolu could not be solved. There is no voice from the CHP Mayor Tanju Özcan, who promised during his candidacy. Students reacted.

With the draft law stipulating that all authorities in the Bosphorus will be transferred from the IMM to the Presidency, IMM will no longer receive the 10 percent share of the Bosphorus bridge crossing fees.

Arrested Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Co-Mayor Selçuk Mızraklı: Even if we are among the four walls, our resistance will continue. We're right, we'il win.

Construction workers of Baytur in Mecca, the capital of Saudi Arabia, have not been paid wages for months. "The construction worker is not a slave," the workers called out.

Koton boss response to workers struggling against heavy working conditions came. Ignoring the dismissal of workers, the company's management only promised to improve food prices.

Due to the fact that the governor's office did not send the results of the ‘security investigation ilgili about the workers, the workers in Ipekyolu Municipality cannot work. The cleaning service in the district is experiencing a glitch.

RTÜK President Ebubekir Şahin CHP quoted Faruk Declarer selected from the quota of the RTÜK membership membership was removed after the proposal was removed.

Suruç & nbsp; Massacre case, "I can not look at anyone's face if I talk," said Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu's request to be heard in court was denied.

The unions affiliated to DISK informed the workers about the tax regulation by distributing declarations in the workers' basins; He called for a struggle for human wages.

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