Anapa insists on disinformation and exploits the discomfort of pensioners in the Pension Fund Agents!

Anapa insists on disinformation and exploits the discomfort of pensioners in the Pension Fund Agents!

MILAN - Not knowing anymore how to blacken the Pension Fund and its administrators, Anapa returns to speculate on the painful experience of poor Maria Vittoria, “retired agent, widow, who after a life of work and sacrifices finds herself today living with a subsidy that she defines herself, with a euphemism, as 'almsgiving'. "The name is fantasy - Anapa specifies - but the story is true".

"Despite the optimistic declarations of the Fonage summits ...", it is the beginning of the Anapa newsletter, almost as if it wanted to brand the recent declarations of the President of the Fund on the soundness of the accounts of Fonage, putting them in relation with the heavy cuts that Maria Vittoria and many other pensioners have unfortunately had to suffer for Covip's choice. A detail that is far from negligible seems to take a back seat: the cuts were made in 2016, while the satisfaction expressed by the President of the Fund relates to the results of the last two years.

Let it be said, for the avoidance of doubt, that if the Fund was a police station and if Maria Vittoria and the other pensioners have suffered such drastic cuts, it is above all because the lack of a common front to defend the rights of the agents has eliminated that contractual force. that could have led to a different agreement. It is very probable that if Anapa had not sided with the Ania for the transformation of the Fund into a "pippone" that would have distorted and dismembered it, Maria Vittoria and the other retired colleagues would have had to endure less discomfort.

There was a rebalancing plan proposed by Sna, which showed that with less heavy cuts and preserving the peculiar characteristics of the Fund, the same result would have been brought home, paying a much lower price. On the other hand, the results of the technical budgets of the last two years, which add up to a good 219 million euro margin, confirm that the conditions for a different approach existed. Where was Anapa with his keyboard lions and his finance gurus when it was time to stay up at night to make brave choices in defense of the Fund and its members and pensioners? They had coffee in the good living room of the Ania, that's where they were. Everyone must assume his responsibilities, then!

As for the speculations on the case of Maria Vittoria, the abundance of details with which Anapa rattles off the figures of the cuts - undeniably painful and enormous - is not accompanied by any information on the amount and duration of the contribution paid overall by the husband, unfortunately deceased , both by the pensioner herself, or by the number of years of granting direct pensions and that of reversibility. And yet, knowing these elements would be necessary to understand what the criteria adopted by the Commissioner to decide the amount of deductions that, we never tire of repeating, would certainly have been much less heavy if the rebalancing plan proposed by Sna had been defended.

The Commissioner has prepared his rebalancing plan to re-establish a criterion of correspondence between the contributions paid and the pensions paid, an indispensable condition for giving the Fund the possibility of continuing its activity over time, maintaining solid principles of solidarity and mutuality and continuing in any case to provide unimaginable benefits for other supplementary pension funds.

The optimism about the future of the Fund is therefore based on concrete facts, unlike the opinions of a party that does not resign itself to accepting reality and continues to disinform, even at the cost of pushing some to operate against their own interests. In addition to the case of Maria Vittoria, in fact, there are also those of the various Giuseppe, Candido, Mario, Giovanna (also these fancy names) who, convinced by someone that the Fund would have had a short life, have preferred to transfer the position to a PIP opened at the Pension Fund, with the result that, for example, against € 38,000 paid and the expectation of being able to receive an adequate pension, they were able to transfer to the PIP only € 20,000, leaving the Fund with the equivalent of almost all the contributions paid by companies in their name. And here there are responsibilities that should not be passed over in silence by the usual detractors of Fonage.

As for the ranting criticisms for the precariousness of asset returns and for the entry of balance-sheet securities at historical cost, the self-styled financial experts of Anapa may not know that the ways in which the Fund has always drawn up the statutory financial statements are those of the separate management, which provide for the recording of securities in the balance sheet at historical cost and that their write-down intervenes only in the event of permanent losses. If the fund has ephemeral returns, therefore, according to Anapa's assertions, also the returns of separate insurance management, including those of the PIPs considered with such benevolence, should be equally ephemeral. A more accurate look at the accounts, on the other hand, would allow us to discover that the value of the Pension Fund's assets, calculated at current market prices, is abundantly higher than that recorded in the balance sheet, with all due respect to Anapa and those who cannot. of the excellent results achieved.

It is only to be hoped that those who elaborated the financial ruminations reported by the press are not one of the delegates of Anapa in the Assembly of the Fund, because it would be worrying to know that they have placed trust in a person who has not understood anything about the subject of which is called to deal with.

aniapa has been an ally of the whole world for the whole question of the pension fund restructuring plan and to allow companies to get hold of the billion assets in fact GENERALI already had its private fund nice and ready as it happens ... aniapa is allied with the CGIL in defense of the money that the Enbass bilateral body has collected knowing that it could not provide anything in return ... but aniapa you can know how the allies choose them ???

Stop listening to what Anapa says, which represents only Vincenzo's ideas. Only Ania takes it into consideration but only because it is part of its strategy to try to weaken the only true union that is the SNA

Given that I had a 42% cut despite being enrolled and paid from 1978 until 2017 and although I have been sent the detail I can not give myself reason I think it is something that has no reason to be I would like someone else to open these cuts practiced since the fund is in excellent health. Marangoni Doriano

great Libutti! and great Demozzi that against everyone has sided in defense of our pension fund and after just two years can certify that he was right to sell !! you are a wonderful team that the category does not always deserve ... who instead has immediately lined up with the companies and that always does it always should be ashamed

Those like me look forward (for the time that I / we have to live), even if the heart always remains a few steps behind, remembering the good times lived with SNA and the sorrow of seeing you / us so brutally "divided" !!! Whose prodest?

For the benefit of the forgetful people in Anapa, we activate the Trade Union VAR, reviewing the action in slow motion, which if it does not bring back the memory, someone could at least stimulate the neurons of the brain. Reconstruction of the action: 1) with the silent consent of Anapa, although the situation of the Fund was not alarming, a commissioner was appointed. 2) With the thunderous dissent of Anapa, the rescue plan prepared by Sna cannot be passed. 3) With the strong opposition of only Sna, the Fund is not sold to the companies; 4) the commissioner (and not the Sna), applies heavy cuts to annuities; 5) having ascertained that the Fund had sufficient resources and was not as bad as someone wanted to believe, it is returned to ordinary management; 6) in only 2 years of Sna management, the fund realizes a surplus of 219 million; 7) the rosiconi don't fit and surround the referee trying to mystify the reality. 8) Despite Anapa's defensive castling, the game ends with Sna's clear victory, 8 to 0

From time to time there is always a colleague who invites us to lower the tone of the controversy and let go of what Anapa says or does. The reflection on the repeated accusations against our Fund are instead the most glaring and obvious demonstration that we must not overlook the slightest but, on the contrary, respond blow by blow to the raving statements of those who would like Sna weak and at the mercy of Anapa's hidden friends.

Do not consider them, offering him the shoulder to the widow to make her cry they hurt because rather they do not explain that the husband-colleague has paid an inertia and if there are some responsible for the cuts made by the commissioner wanted by Covip they are really them together with Ania

There is a proverb that says "the devil makes the pots but not the lids" evidently Ania and Anapa made pots but the lids made them an elf who put them in the wheels. Things never go the way you imagine and this also applies to Ania and Anapa. Of course, after having sung victory they didn't expect the backlash of SNA and Fonage as it was, upsetting all their plans.

About Cirasola, it is obvious that he is a cynic and he thought "carpe diem" immediately takes everything he can by offering his services to insurance companies. These instead use their strategy and use it against us making it gold bridges. Meanwhile, it costs them nothing as the benefits they enjoy are the result of commissions. So the companies or fill it with contributions and / or pay some extra commission points to a man of their own costs nothing. Undoubtedly Cirasola is a cynical but intelligent man, he is a man who has understood that fighting against a powerful enemy does not suit him and has adopted a behavior that is taught to us by history. "If you have a powerful enemy do not make him the war you would lose but allies with him "So he will have made agreements with the companies that did not target the agents registered in Anapa and grant these agents various concessions which they obviously do not enjoy and will never enjoy the agents registered with SNA. But in the face of all this he sold himself to the companies and gave up a minimum of freedom. However, I don't know how old Cirasola is, but I think she will resist until retirement, and when she retires, you can rest assured that he will be in an excellent position. Everyone responds to his own conscience for how he behaves. However in his viewfinder there is and always will be both SNA and Fonage. Be assured.

Given that Fonage was not to be a police station because it was a pre-existing fund and with active management, so it is true that the year before had taken the award as the best European fund under the billion. Because the ministry official, whose name I do not care about, applied a directive to Fonage that did not concern Fonage. For the record, the same official after this operation was promoted and advanced in his career and is no longer in the ministry where he carried out this operation. Now it is very easy to understand who orchestrated this vile maneuver, Ania with her lobby with the little dog Anapa who wagged her tail as if Fonage and SNA had been definitively destroyed. I have never seen so much wickedness and hatred in my life, but fate is mocking, as I am aware of how it went; a sprite intervened and made available to SNA and Fonage his knowledge of professionals at national level who immediately intervened and blocked the commissioner and the destruction of both SNA and Fonage. We know the story by cutting it short, they wrote to the President of the Republic who intervened by blocking a catastrophe for all of us through the Presidency's legal office. Obviously the toast with champagne that Anapa and Ania have done went sideways. Now after they wanted to destroy us, they come to ask for a place on Fonage's Board of Directors. I think that these ladies, following an action of this kind which is a declaration of war, should be expelled from Fonage. If they want and are able, they can do their pension fund agents or get PIPs. Dear Claudio and dear Francesco, as Virgil said to Dante "do not worry about them but look and pass" - Claudio and Francesco don't look anyone in the face and proceed with determination in the task you have given yourself. Know that I am always at your side.

That of Anapa on the Pension Fund is an absurd position. He tried in every way to bury him, to take away the members to make them join the funds of the companies, to row against the interest of the category, to denigrate the old and new administrators, to defame galantuomini inventing nonexistent embezzlement and I could go on and on. ...

Now the attempt to get on the "wagon of the winners" has gone badly and has restarted the machine of mud and disinformation. Ad usum cirasoli, precise that that of the wagon of the winners is only a metaphor, it is clear, because here nobody has won anything. If anything, it is Anapa who has lost something: the opportunity to break the endless series of useless and harmful things he has done since he was born.

when there are no ideals, no arguments, no political line, like Aniapa, the crowd must always be disoriented to try desperately to induce at least some doubts. Cirasola must fight every day against the indifference that now surrounds him.

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