Anapa girl needs help to keep eyesight

Anapa girl needs help to keep eyesight

Parents have been fighting for the health of Evushka since her birth. This month, the girl will most likely celebrate her eightth birthday at the Fedorov clinic in Irkutsk, where she will have surgery. A positive response from the medical institution came just the other day. You can’t delay! And now the family just needs material support on the road for mom and daughter.

The Pelyustka family lives in the Gostagayevsky rural district. Evelina is a disabled child. Her diagnosis: mild cerebral palsy, optic atrophy. The fight against the disease made Eushka strong in spirit, but did not take away her childish immediacy and curiosity. She is a good student at school, is fond of English and loves classes in the dance group "Freckles".

Her parents are simple rural people. Father Alexey Alekseevich previously worked as a tractor driver, but now does not work, as he is on a disability. Mom Elena Nikolaevna devoted herself to raising her daughter.

Three years ago, the couple set up the Businka charity foundation, as they themselves know what it means to be in a difficult situation. The Fund is assisted by volunteers, entrepreneurs, caring people. It is important for the Pelyustka spouses that targeted assistance should be provided to those who really need it. That is why everything is transparent in the fund, all recipients are checked, cooperation is ongoing with the Social Security Administration of Anapa.

And now, the creators of Bead themselves need your participation. An urgent need to collect 50 & nbsp; 000 rubles for the road for Elena and Evushka to Irkutsk and back. There, the girl will undergo examination and surgery for optic atrophy. Evelina’s disease is not delayed, and fortunately, in the Irkutsk branch of the Fedorov Clinic, she was already made an appointment on October 23.

Details for help: the card of Sberbank 6390 0230 9036 737235 is issued for the mother of Evushka Elena Nikolaevna Pelyustka. Phone Elena Pelyustka: & nbsp; 8-967-66-50-789.

The Anapa Chess Federation invites chess lovers to take part in the rapid chess team championship on November 24th. Teams of organizations (institutions, enterprises, clubs, including their structural units) are allowed to compete. The composition of the team: five people (three male boards and one female, one spare). Detailed information about the championship is available on the website; in the Chess Anapa group on VK; tel. [...]

The weather was a little invigorated by the cold and wind of the Anapans, who were still swimming in the sea last week. But tomorrow at the resort will begin to warm. November 2 will be quite cold. In the afternoon, the air temperature warms up to 4-6 degrees. But due to the northeast wind it seems that the temperature is minus. No precipitation is expected. The sky will be clear. November 3 will noticeably warmer. The air temperature during the day 11-13 [...]

In the technopolis "ERA" the first initiation into the Unarmeans took place. Robots of the station of young technicians of Anapa joined the patriotic youth movement. These guys are future young scientists and design engineers. Repeatedly they won all-Russian competitions in robotics. The oath of the Unarmeans was taken by the chief of the ERA technopolis, Lieutenant General Vladimir Ivanovsky. The guys will get wide access to the infrastructure of the Armed Forces, as well as to the logistics & nbsp; [...]

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