Anapa Congress: "Insurance able to face the digital revolution"

Anapa Congress: Insurance able to face the digital revolution

Digitization, new regulations and changes in customer needs and purchases. These were some of the topics discussed during the 2nd National ANAPA Ordinary Congress "The evolution of ANAPA and the professional insurance agent", held yesterday in Rome and attended by others, Stefano De Polis, general secretary of IVASS, Maria Bianca Farina, president of ANIA and Dario Galli, deputy minister of Economic Development.

The first intervention after the opening of the work by the president of ANAPA, Vincenzo Cirasola, was curated by De Polis. The general secretary of IVASS stated that "companies and intermediaries cannot escape the digital revolution: it is necessary to respond effectively to the new demands of consumers and digital natives. The major Companies - he added - are working on the digitalization of processes, including technology as a source of a possible expansion of the offer of products and services to better intercept customer needs ".

After De Polis it was the vote of the president of ANIA, Maria Bianca Farina, who underlined the importance of the client in the insurance sector. “Today the centrality of the customer becomes the real focus of our business, from producers to distributors. We need great listening skills ".

"Our industry is going through a period of epochal changes. But the sector is able to face them and innovate - added Farina, who recalled how "even the distribution has evolved strongly and is experiencing a moment of profound transformation: new regulations, the digitalization and changes in needs and purchase of our customers."

For Farina "Companies and agents are called to a cultural change, acquiring new skills, knowledge of new risks and technology" without forgetting that "the role of the agent will be increasingly vital. We cannot do without competence and advice ".

The Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Dario Galli, agreed on this point. "Good electronics and technology, but the human element and the service offered by the agents are essential". Finally, from Galli came a reassurance: "The Ministry is willing to confront and evaluate legislative changes to improve the sector".

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