ANAP syndrome in AKP

ANAP syndrome in AKP

The AKP is seeking remedy in the language used by ANAP. The power that does not want to see the frustration of ANAP uses the same language as ANAP. That language starts with ‘We don't win layıp and ends with a bad script.

The language of politics is getting harder while the local elections are short. The government does not want to talk about the real problems of the country by creating a continuous polemic. He claims that there will be a casualty in the country when the municipalities themselves cannot win by establishing words starting with the words ‘If we don't come’. The language used by the government is reminiscent of the language ANAP used in the 1989 elections. When the Motherland Party (ANAP) realized that it would lose blood in the local elections in 1989, Hamas increased its rhetoric to maintain its position.

ANAP came to power in 1983 alone, followed by the 1989 local elections, with 43 percent of the vote of 868 municipalities had won. With slowly dissolving votes, ANAP declined to 23rd place in the 1989 local elections by taking 570 out of 868 municipalities. In 1991, he lost power. When the ANAP realized that he would lose in the 1989 elections, he used the expressions that started with ‘If we don't come erek and ended with a bad script. While the government does not want to experience the blood loss suffered by ANAP in the 1989 elections, it uses the rhetoric and threatening language of 1989.

The ANAP claimed that if the 1989 elections did not directly win the local elections themselves, the country would lose its resilience and nothing would be the same. ANAP lost blood in the elections. Today's power, on the other hand, uses the same style even after 30 years. While the ruling members have increased their rhetoric in the squares, they claim that there will be a survival problem when they lose the local elections, and that nothing will be the same. The agenda of the citizen would talk about the livelihood of power to speak.

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