ANAP leader Çelebi'dan İmamoğlu claim that draws attention!

ANAP leader Çelebi'dan İmamoğlu claim that draws attention!

makes a statement to reporters after visiting the & nbsp; Celebi, Turkey has been under a great threat, he said the day of unity and togetherness time.

Chalabi, & nbsp; F-35 and S-400 through voicing is in a great spiral and threaten Turkey's "collected all the world warships to the eastern Mediterranean. F-35 and S-400 out of almost threaten Turkey has become welcome. " he said.

Chalabi, on 23 June in Istanbul that Turkey is in front of a very serious choice, it was stated that convert a certain segment of the general election format.

"A word of his caught my attention. & Nbsp; Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Ekrem Imamoglu" a republic project, "he says. I agree that the project, but a republic project, not a Abdullah Gul project. May be October or November in the autumn of 2018. Did you go to the MEF University Rector Muhammet Şahin's office? I would especially like to ask Abdullah Gul and political engineers, as President Erdogan said yesterday.

In the CHP's last presidential candidate Muharrem İnce asked some questions & nbsp; Çelebi, "CHP closed group meeting, presidential candidacy is discussed when CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, Abdullah Gul and a candidate for the roof of the nation after you stand the dillendirdikik If you nominate Abdullah Gül with 20 deputies, I am a candidate for president with the signature of 20 deputies and I'm going to break your games. ' he said.

Ince also "now Abdullah Gul and the Turkish politics from the outside to the political theater Ekrem İmamoğlu'nun brought to Turkish politics, Abdullah Gul by the CHP's candidacy for Istanbul, why not appeal?" & nbsp; Çelebi, & nbsp; "Ekrem İmamoğlu, formerly known as Ekrem Müdafa, is a big balloon inflated by the American press." defended his opinion.

"In Beylikdüzü, serious complaints, suggestions, even begging, pleading comes. When we go to Beylikdüzü with friends, so to speak, so to speak about Imamoğlu lips." Because it is a very dangerous project, a dark, questionable friend, they go far enough to call a political theater player nominated from Atatürk's party 2.5-3 months, without a doubt, simply 'Atatürk of today'. what a man's monthly performance, work and maturity you have seen such a determination can do. Turkish politics has reached the maturity to eliminate these dangers, should reach. I think the bubble of this.

"After the 2002 elections, the direction of the AK Party has turned. AK Party has looked for quite a position. In 2004, even in that period, the region is doing serious financial aid to the mayors. In 2009, the AK Party candidate for Beylikdüzü Mayor Then he finds his way in the open space of the CHP Beylikdüzü.

CHP district presidency, then preparing a project behind the Turkish politics there is a team. At one point a dark hand reached out from the van. There's a dark hand here. They prepared for the mayor of Beylikdüzü. It is a stake in the Turkish politics of raving people who will turn treachery to President Erdoğan until the country's betrayal. Weather in Istanbul. They made victim literature for a while but they are the ones who created the victimization. "

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