Anap Chairman Çelebi Visited Binali Yıldırım

Anap Chairman Çelebi Visited Binali Yıldırım

AK Party Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Binali Yildirim visited the Motherland Party (ANAP) President Ibrahim Celebi, "Binali Bey came to the office to transfer the sensations we received on him. Hopefully our Republican Alliance in Istanbul with a vote of a small vote. We endure this case until the end. " said.

Çelebi visited the AK Party Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yildirim with members of the organization in Istanbul. The meeting was closed to the press at Yıldırım's working office in a hotel in Levent.

Emphasizing that Binali Yıldırım is one of the important figures of Turkish politics, Çelebi stated that the fact that AK Party is the candidate for Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is an indication of the importance of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to Istanbul. Çelebi said that President Erdoğan delivered Istanbul to the competent hands.

Yildirim's sympathy, conciliatory and embracing personality with the most critical, the most stressful and the most challenging periods of the successful transfer of Çelebi, 6 of the 10 largest projects in the world said that the signature of Binali Yildirim.

Çelebi, regarding the visit, "Binali Bey came to the office of the sensations we have received him on the field. Hopefully our Republican Alliance in Istanbul will take the election with a margin of vote. We see this case until the end." said.

MP as Chalabi voicing gone through a similar process in 1989, "We fall from the roof as the MP 89, foot we broke, we had brought what these things are, to Turkey, we have seen that when you bring large bills for our cities, we live in. Our nation also experienced it The late Ozal warned people in 89, but the bill of everything he warned, especially Istanbul: garbage, mud, garbage mountains, pits, thirst, hospital queues, Istanbul 89 to 94 Mr. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan metropolitan mayor. until the fact that the municipalities 'anarchist' he was filled by the so-called Özal. People could not get service. " he said.

1989-1994 years in Turkey, Celebi, who underlined that experienced the most troubled period in the history of municipality, "the historic municipality have experienced the downswing. Hopefully they took our nation learn from. Opposition 89 at us keep that citizens strives to sampling. Binali Yildirim she visionary All of these dark clouds, with their personality, being a project man, were distributed. " found.

Chalabi, "I do not think it would be a serious road accident. Against relationships are very dark on the side. We do not want to reduce dark corridor to Turkey again." said.

"So five unknowns groups a restructuring that could have consequences in Turkey's completely against the Met. There are no projects, they have no solution. They're just pushing to play a game through the President themselves Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan let go, no matter what the rest of our way we have no problem. a stability grabbed Turkey. that the crowning also with local governments continued need to move. in particular, the three major US city, Istanbul, Ankara and the AK Party entered the race very serious candidate in Izmir. at the end of the race I hope Cumhur Alliance will prevail. "

Referring to the election process in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, Celebi said that Binali Yildirim would win differently in Istanbul, Ozhaseki was leading in Ankara, and that the scissors were seen to close every day in Izmir.

"Turgut Ozal lovers, ANAP lovers have a call from here, please let's go to the polls. Ozal's party, Ozal's sons, Ozal's philosophy of the people who follow the stability of the state, the state is to take care of the state. but Turkey is experiencing a serious survival problem. our region is in a circle of fire, April 27 e-memorandum, October 6-7 events, Travel events, the most monstrous rebellion attempt in the history of the Republic as July 15th then, the state coup attempt in ... they wash with them now with economic sanctions , dollar, euro, eggplant, onion, they want to implement their economic attacks. Our nation is aware of the games played. "

Chalabi, especially when invited to go with youth in the polls, "to go to the Fund is to keep the dish to games played on Turkey, is to be delivered to them. Young tomorrows of you. We are politicians, we're trying to deliver a better future for you. Please exit with your future. Our President unusual precedent in the world of vertebrates In the past, we have fallen into the error of Menderes, our subordinate president, the President of our founding Ozal could not hang, but I believe that they poisoned them.We could not protect them, this country, 'the man of the nation' We need to give value while living. " statements.

"Our problems are there but the world without borders is the only Turkish nation. We hope waiting, we have a geography waiting for us to seek help, there is the Muslim world. Have to be able Republic of Turkey for her. The way to be strong ... our President on 31 March and Cumhur Alliance 's as support, the state's survival of the nation's peace and prosperity in the direction we had to take a stand and taking sides we Party of Motherland; or illede, humiliation of going to the blood, Turkey's going to stand beside the blow would hit or state stability. stand next to our Contact Us befitting state. We end up in Until the evening of March 31, until the victory of all organizations in the ANAP'a I consider the task of the heart. Please keep our state, our nation. Let's go to the ballot box and in general and local efforts to maintain stability in all kinds of efforts, we should show. "