Among the infected with West Nile fever there are residents of Anapa

Among the infected with West Nile fever there are residents of Anapa

In 2019, the fever struck the inhabitants of Anapa, Novorossiysk, Krasnodar, Kanevsky, Ust-Labinsky, Tikhoretsky and Dinsky districts. Complaints of high fever, headache and body aches in the victims turned to hospitals, where they confirmed the fact of infection. A blood test is carried out in the microbiological laboratory of Krasnodar using the molecular diagnostic method. About this, with reference to the & nbsp; regional Rospotrebnadzor, the Kuban24 TV channel reports.

The outbreak of the West Nile in the province has official status. In the Kuban it exists since the end of the XX century. But it was precisely in 2019 that weather conditions: warm winters and rainy summers contributed to the spread of mosquitoes - the main carriers of the disease. That is what the experts of the regional Rospotrebnadzor explain the outbreak of infection.

“There are several dozen cases, they are registered. Today, the intensity of processes is already declining. In Krasnodar over the past two weeks, only five cases have been confirmed, but there are isolated cases of the disease in other territories of the region, ”said Tatyana Grechanaya, deputy head of the Rospotrebnadzor department for the Krasnodar Territory.

How many really infected with West Nile fever in the province is difficult to answer. In 80 percent of cases, the disease proceeds without symptoms. In another 18 percent, colds are observed. And 2 out of 100 percent develop meningitis. In the Tikhoretsky district, one death was recorded, presumably associated with this fever.

“The extreme severity of the form of the disease with damage to the central nervous system. Naturally, there are options when more intensive treatment is required in intensive care units or in intensive care units. These patients sometimes require dynamic monitoring of the medical staff around the clock, ”said Anatoly Vanyukov, deputy chief physician of the regional clinical infectious diseases hospital.

The only way to protect against a dangerous virus is to regularly treat the territories from mosquitoes. But to fight bloodsucking, doctors say, it is necessary to start long before infected patients appear on hospital beds. Do not forget about household methods of protection against mosquitoes - repellents.

We remind you that in Anapa, mosquitoes are fought with drones and helicopters. Anapa's budget annually allocates about 4.5 million rubles for the treatment of the resort from the blood-sucking budget of Anapa.

The Anapa Chess Federation invites chess lovers to take part in the rapid chess team championship on November 24th. Teams of organizations (institutions, enterprises, clubs, including their structural units) are allowed to compete. The composition of the team: five people (three male boards and one female, one spare). Detailed information about the championship is available on the website; in the Chess Anapa group on VK; tel. [...]

The weather was a little invigorated by the cold and wind of the Anapans, who were still swimming in the sea last week. But tomorrow at the resort will begin to warm. November 2 will be quite cold. In the afternoon, the air temperature warms up to 4-6 degrees. But due to the northeast wind it seems that the temperature is minus. No precipitation is expected. The sky will be clear. November 3 will noticeably warmer. The air temperature during the day 11-13 [...]

In the technopolis "ERA" the first initiation into the Unarmeans took place. Robots of the station of young technicians of Anapa joined the patriotic youth movement. These guys are future young scientists and design engineers. Repeatedly they won all-Russian competitions in robotics. The oath of the Unarmeans was taken by the chief of the ERA technopolis, Lieutenant General Vladimir Ivanovsky. The guys will get wide access to the infrastructure of the Armed Forces, as well as to the logistics & nbsp; [...]

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