Ali Babacan's party will be ANAP model

Ali Babacan's party will be ANAP model

Following the resignation of Ali Babacan, the eyes were turned to mobility within the AKP, and the new party to be established would not be given the appearance of a "resentful party" and Ozal said it would aim to settle on the ANAP track.

With the resignation of Ali Babacan, one of the founders and former ministers of the AKP, the button was pressed for the new party. According to Emin Özgönül from Sözcü, & nbsp; Babacan's party will target the answer to the question “What kind of party should we not be? Undan rather than Nasıl What kind of party should we be? Hedef. Field and floor studies will be held until October to avoid short-lived, such as parties from CHP, DSP or DYP.

The party is expected to represent four trends, such as the Motherland Party founded by Turgut Özal in 1983. The party will stand on a liberal, social democratic, conservative and nationalist basis. Ministers or ministers in the AKP during the administration of the ruling names will not be included in the new party. There will not be an image like K The Offensive Party ği where the AKP breakers come together.

The main goal of the party, which Babacan will establish and supported by 11th President Abdullah Gül, is not to form a group in the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM).

Although AKP executives do not give the possibility that 20 deputies will pass to the new party, they are preparing to increase the number of groups in the TGNA from 20 to 30 with the amendment of the bylaws. Currently, except for the President of the Parliament, the AKP and the MHP have 339 votes and the opposition has 249 seats.

Under normal circumstances, new political formations must be tried and the areas where the politics are blocked should be opened, and the fact that a party that is mainly left-social democracy in our country can provide a certain balance and formation in the political arena, but this move of Mr Babacan only indicates that Bilderberg landed in the political arena and this work will not work with those who have held positions in the past

Be a productionist, be a nationalist, face to the public, whether the worker of the employee, the people of the dream of the people of the foreign policy .. Do not be constructive .. be destructive be constructive..dogaya love..the main task of the government is to raise the rafah level of the people remember that ...