AKP's end ANAP!

AKP's end ANAP!

Political scientists warned power shortly before the March 31st Local Elections. ANAP lost in the 1989 local elections with the same language and policy!

As the elections approached, dirty plays started to be staged one by one! The ruling party has fought to regain the lost votes by defaming the opposition! Despite the fact that the Felicity Party entered elections in all constituencies alone, it is subject to all kinds of insults, slander and defamation of the members of the Republic Alliance with the lie that it made an alliance with the PKK!

The alienating language of each term at the party to vote kaybettirirken used, and the most striking example in Turkey lived with the MP in the 1989 local elections! The intimidation of the electorate, the discreditation of its rivals and attrition campaign lost ANAP'A, Ozal's ANAP party as the third party out of the elections lost Istanbul and Ankara. The language and policies used by the government in recent times remind Özal period, according to political scientists, the AKP is waiting for the same end!

Adam - Kemalists, so many people have bored them, we said we survived the power, but we would not say. we've been searching for tillahi kenan universe.

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