AKP's 89 defeats on ANAP on 31 March

AKP's 89 defeats on ANAP on 31 March

I had an interview with Temel Karamollaoğlu, Chairman of the Felicity Party, about the March 31 elections. Karamollaoğlu emphasized that they are preparing for the race with ambitious candidates in each constituency. Yes, we call our nation "Remedy." The solution is also called the Felicity Party, "" explained the form.

My dear readers, the Motherland Party (ANAP), founded by the late Turgut Özal, won the first election in 1983 and became the sole ruler in the Parliament. ANAP could not solve the basic problems such as unemployment and poverty in 6 years. In the 1989 local elections, the vote rate fell from 42 percent to 21 percent due to inflation, cost of living and overlapping hikes. After this collapse, it was removed from the political scene by not being able to stand alone.

* Can this be a local election but messages for general election? There are 89 samples. ANAP had lost all municipalities, and after this defeat, it failed to hold onto the political scene. According to the results of the March 31, a similar fate for the AKP can be?

Karamollaoğlu: Of course, this is a local election, but as you have mentioned, it may have political consequences that go beyond the general election atmosphere.

The Justice and Development Party has overcome this fatigue. Now the country and the nation is tired. March 31 will be the turning point of this change. It will be a democratic lesson to power.

Karamollaoğlu: Nation alliance took place in June 24 elections. This alliance gave important messages in terms of social reconciliation and democratic maturity. Political parties are not enemies of each other, they are rivals, even refik.

On June 24, we made a nation alliance to overcome the antidemocratic election threshold. However, local elections are very different from general elections and presidential elections. It is the elections where the local candidates come to the forefront and not the general policies.

In this election, as the Felicity Party, we will nominate each district in every district. We're going to run with strong candidates. We will run an election to win, not to show the candidate.

Karamollaoğlu: across Turkey Currently we are carrying out a meticulous study. We have established commissions for this. We take the views and opinions of civil society representatives. We're working on a lot of candidates. I hope we will announce our first candidates on Wednesday (December 26, 2018). In January, we present all our mayor candidates to the discretion of our nation.

Karamollaoğlu: Of course, these cities are very important. As in every election, both Ankara and the capital city, Ankara, have an important place in these elections. That's why we give more importance to our candidates especially in these two cities. That's why we're not in a hurry. We call it late, but strong candidate. I hope that our nation will win our hearts and the game will surprise our candidates.

Karamollaoğlu: Despite all these problems, we say that there is no concern. Yes, we have big problems but we are a big country. We are a great nation. There is no problem that we cannot go hand in hand. Therefore, we will use the slogan VAR There is a remedy de in this election.

Yes, we call our nation "Remedy." We say that the solution and the Saadet Party are the solution. Because if the Felicity Party's warnings on production, Syria, education, economy, waste and corruption were taken into consideration during the 16-year period, the country would not be based on the edge of the abyss today.