AK Party commented on the crisis in Trabzon like this

AK Party commented on the crisis in Trabzon like this

Günebakış Newspaper owner Ali Öztürk pointed to MPs Adnan Günnar and Muhammet Balta in the crisis of appointment in the Directorate of National Education of Ortahisar. Suleyman Soylu'ya underlined the disrespect.

Ortahisar District National Education Director is experiencing a strange crisis through. Weirdness, the fact that the crisis in the AK Party will also affect the education of the city… First, let us write down the details of the development ...

AK Party Provincial Presidency, complaints from the education community followed them for a while. District National Education Director Şükür Köse, recently started to give political messages on social media. These messages on social media have received appreciation from some of his followers and from some others. Response messages made this time the subject of polemics. Many teachers have filed complaints against the party. The Board of Directors also discussed the issue and decided to take the district Director of National Education. The topic has been moved to Bahar Ayvazoğlu, Deputy of National Education. Ms. Bahar made an appointment with the Deputy Minister of National Education after re-evaluating the issue with the provincial chairman. Deputy Salih Cora also attended the meeting. In the meantime, the issue was transferred to Minister Suleiman Noble. Minister Soylu said, a If the organization has such a request, a decision was taken as a result of an evaluation. There is nothing to say ”.

After the appointment at the Ministry level, Ortahisar District Director of National Education was changed. He was already in the same position for 5 years and according to another claim he lost his excitement.

The whole thing starts after that. The yummy come to the fore. The two deputies Adnan Günnar and Muhammet Balta, who are aware of the situation, take action on this saving. They return to the Minister of Education Ziya Selçuk to return to the position of the District Director of National Education.

They're not going to settle the matter inside the party. They were full of anger and they performed the exquisite matter without informing them. However, they are also deputies from the Provincial Presidency… In other words, they experienced their organization and respectability. Provincial President Heydar Revi acted with his friends for many years, "Velev that Revi made wrong! .. Instead of settling the matter in the party instead of two deputies, anger and wear the door of the Minister Ziya Selcuk. They want the (!) Assignment canceled in order to save their honor. And they cancel it…

Of course, the Provincial Chairman and the organization was offended. However, the anger of the two deputies rather than Revi deputy Bahar Ayvazoğlu and Minister Süleyman Soylu'ya "Trabzon will be replaced by a manager and a manager will not know how to do it," they embrace the anger. I wish they were so sensitive to the problems of Trabzon! ..

The appointment crisis within the AK Party has already exceeded the sincere approach of the organization and turns into an exquisite operation of two deputies. They do not come from outside the AK Party, such as the women's arms of the organization since the beginning of the Spring Bahar Ayvazoğlu'na deputies want to teach their own. They are unaware, but this course certainly has a disrespect towards Minister Süleyman Soylu. Trabzon AK Party on the issue of an appointment for the first time after 17 years are signing the crisis. We have seen such crises in ANAP, which was once more than one deputy. Power demonstrations through the principals kept the public busy for months. Party administrations in itself would produce crisis over crisis. Unfortunately, we are facing similar crises 25-30 years ago. No education, no city, no party? Who is losing in the struggle of the yummy? We must say that the losers of such crises are always the city and the party. The winner was never ...

the determination of the internal hierarchy of public institutions by internal party issues is clear evidence of the party state. the minister of national education does not say that you are an educator in the ministry what your duty, what rights do you intervene. because the education policy of the country is determined by the triangle of parties, sects and foundations. a pity

Those who call the party state, Istanbul Mayor Ekrem imam son of the journalist to see the beginning of transport. The rulers always win. If my man is right and another man has to change the wrong logic

If you fix something ptt cargo fix. Payment of a cargo at the door is not delivered in 5 days from the receipt of embezzlement in Trabzon is also known as a lumpy lumpy distribution of people going crazy. You're probably looking for customer service to get you from the branch, they are even worse. One of the chief manager of Trabzon DHMİ does not know who does the work now

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