Adult movie star Jessa Rhodes says she sleeps with fantasy to fulfill their fantasy

Adult movie star Jessa Rhodes says she sleeps with fantasy to fulfill their fantasy

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Adult movie star Jessa Rhodes says she sleeps with fantasy to fulfill their fantasy
Last Updated & nbsp; 10:00 a.m., & nbsp; on Tuesday, March 31, 2020, BST
Porn star Jessa Rhodes has said she sleeps with a fan to fulfill their imagination.

At the Reddit AMA (ask me something for those unfamiliar), the adult film actress said she was fulfilling a "fan fantasy" and even told them how they could run.

One fan asked Jessa, "Would you sleep with the fan to fulfill their fantasy? Asking us all."
And his response was, "Actually, yes! In fact, people can participate in my f-fan-contest through my private Snapchand."

He also revealed the most dangerous thing he had ever done to the device, saying that once he had to repeat the underwater scene so many times that he thought he was going to take it away.

Asked what he said, "They're not paying me enough for that moment," he replied, "I once shot Brainzers for Kirin Lee, I had to dive into the pool and swim from one end to the other when I had to wear a robe that weighed me. "A lot to do. Every time I held my breath and got up again, I thought I'd go."

He also answered other questions, including one that he said made him so bad that he paid to get the video back.

He wrote, "I'm not going to say who it was for, but one time I was so rude after the scene that I went back and paid back to the guy that I did the scene and asked to get a shot so I could destroy it."

You may also think that when you watch porn, actors don't enjoy it, but Jessa says she doesn't actually act that often. He said: "If I'm completely honest, I enjoy it 90 percent of the time. Especially now that I've been in this field for seven years, it's now easier to focus on muscle memory, lighting and angles and focus.

"If I used to be nervous and worried about opening up to the camera, I wanted to make sure the director got what he needed, not me, focusing on good sex."

Jessa said when she meets new people who ask her about her work, she says it's loud and proud. He said the longest time it took to take a picture of the scene was 24 hours, saying it wasn't a "very fun day".

The 24-hour shift is quite full, which is an absolute transplant.
Featured image credit: Instagram / Jessa Rhodes

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