$ 8.5 billion comes before the first bomb

 $ 8.5 billion comes before the first bomb

"The economic agreement reached with the US yesterday, describing the AKP group State Minister Ali Babacan, US President George W. Bush's Iraq a hit event that warrant said that Turkey had almost $ 8.5 billion bridge loan in the future." "In 1991 until the Gulf crisis n In Turkey, the loss of Babacan reminded that 102 billion dollars, if Turkey does not support this operation and damage in a fall outside $ 26 billion will be. With that said means further decline of the Turkey's national income." This news was published in Hürriyet Newspaper on 27 February 2003. Two days before the March 1 TEZKERE, which was held on March 1, 2003 and rejected by the Turkish Grand National Assembly. STATE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALI BABACAN ECONOMY

Now an article published in BBC Turkish on September 10, 2019, introducing Ali Babacan; (Ali Babacan becomes the Minister of State responsible for the economy in the AKP government, which came to power after the November 3, 2002 elections.) Should the new minister continue or not pursue an economic program launched by Kemal Derviş during the ANAP-DSP-MHP government, in line with the demands of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). ? In a conference that he attended in Italy in 2014, Kemal Derviş said, "Between 2002 and 2007, he would praise the attitude of the economy staff under the direction of Ali Babacan in the monetary policy of institutions and use the concept of" golden age "." The strategy of Ali Babacan, who is the Minister of the Ministry, is generally based on the economy, which is based on neo-liberal understanding; was based on minimizing the debt burden on the public, thereby reducing public borrowing costs in the long run, and paving the way for the private sector to access credit opportunities in both the domestic and international markets. "

Now a conversation about what they are doing and what they will do; The interview of Ahmet Taşgetiren with Ali Babacan, published in Cumhuriyet newspaper on September 10, 2019; "At the same time, values ​​such as human rights, freedoms, pluralistic democracy and the rule of law are values ​​that we always advocate and believe. These principles and values ​​are not a political choice for us. These are our moral and social life ideals. All this principle together with the AK Party. and value we aim to implement. They have achieved very good success within the period of implementation. Turkey was a very influential country in the world. " "Society's quite narrowed the field of freedom of some sections was a time when serious problems as regards fundamental rights. Is under pressure from some sectors of society, the AK Party appeared in a the displacement environment. Looking at the situation now is very different. Still there is a problem of freedom of Turkey's. Again, a basic rights problem. But the nature of them has changed. it has become the issues that are of interest to the different sections of them. also, Turkey's justice has a problem. an economic problem. " "Turkey's most important problem areas of freedom, justice and the economy. Believes that the people that we will work for us on these issues in a friendly manner. A problem more prominent economy in social research. But you do assessment in terms of a backward retreat future as the economy goes up, but freedom and justice related issues are very burning issues. " "Another important issue is this: Turkey's already got international institutions is founder and member, there is the alliance system parts, there are agreements that side. They have been adopted as government policy after many bitter experiences, obtained as a result of years of negotiations gains. And these y of the elements that make Turkey more predictable country. we see that in the last period of our country at risk of these achievements and this worries us. "

I will have to get the whole article here as a document. There is no room for this. The title of the article is actually the essence of the work. After this announcement, we soon encountered an Iraq, where nearly two million people were killed, Iraqi women were raped by US soldiers, divided into three regions, ethnically and religiously. N Turkey from Iraq pays the first bomb will drop to $ 8.5 billion blood money. Ali Babacan, who is one of the leading video elements who have signed this bloody money, innocence on their faces and other hands of the party, is untouched. The hand of Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir, who says that Tayyip should come down, whoever comes, will not be touched by hot water and cold water, and the entel lace and salt dry crew will like it. They already started to love. Look what the bomb says and "welcome" for $ 8.5 billion. Values ​​such as human rights, freedoms, pluralistic democracy and the rule of law are the values ​​we always advocate. I guess those who were killed by the USA in Iraq were not human. No need to say more. God bless all of us from the economic policy of the government, which will be the party that will be established by the economy ministry in two governments of the AKP era, which was repainted by the USA, and the make-up is renewed and put forward, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ali Babacan. But, whatever others say Tayyip should be destroyed, a coalition that HDPKK, FETÖ and the US will establish ... No one will be happy anyway.

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