50% of Kiyikoy purchasing terminal is completed in TurkAkim

50% of Kiyikoy purchasing terminal is completed in TurkAkim

Erol Yazici, Construction Manager of Kiyikoy Gas Intake Terminal of TurkAkim Natural Gas Pipeline project, said that 50 percent of the construction is completed at the terminal.

The printer will carry Russian gas to Turkey and Europe with a capacity of 31.5 billion cubic meters of gas purchase TURKAK terminal in my ongoing assessment found Kiyiköy of the line AA correspondent for the construction.

All of the pipes of sea and land lines in the project from Russia by making the latest sources in connection with each other, emphasizing it would be linked to Turkey Printer, "began on the construction of the gas receiving terminal in March 2018. We crossed the 50 percent As of now." said.

Printer, after the completion of the construction of the reception terminal, said that a number of test work will be done, "About a month later, the inside of the pipes will be cleaned from the Anapa region in Russia, Kiyikoy pipes will be pressed nitrogen. So far, 3.5 million hours worked actively. "I have been in the center of TürkAkım in the Netherlands for a year during the design phase of this project. Works are continuing with a competent staff." found.

Yazıcı has pointed out that he has taken part in many international projects and said, "I can talk about many things that distinguish this project from others. There are environmental engineers and archaeologists who work continuously. "There is a very serious security audit. The issues and demands of all stakeholders are listened to and if any damage is met. Solutions are offered without any complaints."

deputy director responsible for the construction of the terminal Tarkan Resuloğlu the facility is composed of two symmetrical portions and one European, the other will be delivered to Turkey said it was built for natural gas.

Resuloğlu, the project's total capacity of 31.5 billion cubic meters in case of an increase in the capacity of additional construction can be increased here, he said.

Resuloğlu, expressing that they follow the work step by step, "outside the hours worked at night outside the pipelines at night we are taking an x-ray. We check whether there is an error. Everyone knows each other in the team and tight communication continues." said.

15.75 billion cubic meters of natural gas from the first line will be moved from Anapa, Russia to Kiyikoy. the same amount of natural gas will be sent via the second line of the project will reach from Turkey to Europe. The line is planned to pass through Europe via Greece or Bulgaria.