3 new parties and advice

3 new parties and advice

In my 50 years of professional experience, many political parties were formed and many political parties were closed down. Nowadays, I wanted to help them in the formation of new political parties. Journalists, after all, establish direct relations with the public and know their expectations.

For this reason, some parties' organizational management does not want to register more members and make their names to be members of the party. Then they will make them delegates of district, provincial or general assembly so that they have a say in party management…

I asked Rifat Serdaroglu, leader of the Shepherd Fire, about the new party. His response to the intensity of the agenda remained to this day, I'm sorry, dear friend.

& nbsp; Our meetings and movement are attended by our friends who are working in the DYP-DP-ANAP-DSP in the city centers and who are still in the management levels and the citizens who are troubled by the AKP.

Only Mehmet Gazioğlu-Mehmet Dülger-Orhan Taşanlar-Tinaz Titiz-Ufuk Söylemez-Murat Uysal-Beyhan Aslan-Salih Uzun-Durhasan Koca-Naci Akın-Yahya Bulgurcu-Gökhan Çapoğlu-Seza Kornaşor-İlhan Çelenk-Rüştü Okan I can give the names of my friends.

I will soon introduce my friends both in public and private sectors and abroad. We are at the final stage of the works for the Headquarters in Ankara.

For a political movement to succeed, there must be a counterpart in the nation. If this does not happen, the bulb will remain in the air. Apparently, the Turkish Nation will give the Shepherd Fire Movement the necessary value. "

When we say November and December, 3 new parties will be established by the end of the year and in 2020 it seems that the "early election" will play the gong çal